6 ways to save a messed-up RELATIONSHIP (or take one to another level)

A lot of people look to astrology, synastry, Composite, Davison, etc. charts to save an already messed up relationship.

Most often it’s only one part of the relationship looking for a solution.

This is already a big problem.

Only one person can’t fix a relationship.

Two parties = two people who must make changes.

Astrology and different charts can help only if both people want it to work (the relationship), and more importantly = are willing to work on it.


Not one, both.

Astrology usually comes later in the fixing process.

How to mend or fix a broken relationship?

I’ll give You the start.

Both parties need to come together.

Preferably in a comfortable setting where they have time for one another.

An agreement must be made before = we both want this to work, and we are willing to work on it and put the effort in.

Don’t do anything else before this is agreed on by both parties!!!

No point in wasting Your time and energy otherwise.

If the agreement has been made by both parties, You can always come back to it if one or both are fucking up again.

Second part, start opening up and seeing, discussing where things are going wrong. Agree that help is needed. Both parties need to work on things together, as well as individually.

Third, make the agreement for a timeframe (that the effort is being put into the relationship and individual growth) that both parties agree on. I recommend a year. It’s a long enough timeframe for change and short enough to not waste too much of Your already precious time and energy.

Fourth, set a time for Yourself as a couple during the week. This time should be Yours and Yours only. Fuck everything and everyone else.

Fifth, dedicate the year to working things out individually and together. Seek help and work on things.

Sixth, re-evaluate end of year and be honest = is there improvement and desire to carry on? If yes then do so.

If no, be honest and go Your separate ways. No point in dragging things along just because You are afraid of losing love.

That’s it, freedom achieved, and relationships saved (sometimes).


Ian Altosaar

The Freedom Astrologer

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