7 SINS Through The Lens Of ASTROLOGY

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Everything in this reality of ours is energy.

Different things or people have different kinds of energy.

The planets in our solar system also have different kinds of energy to them.

They represent some of higher virtues we know as humans. But also the sinful side of us as well…

Here are the 7 sins and 7 heavenly virtues through the lens of astrology.

Envy — MOON — KINDNESS = not many associate the Moon with envy but the virtue side gives us some hints here. Or the side of heavenly virtue. Kindness. When You think about prominent Moon people they are very often kind. Kindness also goes well with nurturing, one of the most important qualities of the Moon.

But where does envy come into play?

When our emotional core or foundation (the Moon) is out of whack then the first place we usually look is outside. And very often the easiest thing to do is to compare ourselves to others. “I’m not pretty enough”, “I don’t make as much money as them”, “They have something that I don’t”. This usually leads to envy. Or envy of others. Instead of working on ourselves, getting our emotions in check, or rather I should say, just allowing our emotions to rise and then fall, we usually start to play the envy game. Because of our unfelt emotions (the Moon).

One of the most important things with the Moon is to know that whenever those emotions rise, they usually fall very soon as well. Emotions have cycles just like nature. Whenever there is more rain, usually the Sun shines brighter afterward. I believe this is the key to understanding or even conquering the Sin called envy.

Gluttony — VENUS — TEMPERANCE = being the ruler of two planets Venus lends its influences to the sin of Gluttony. Taurus energy has long been associated with overindulging with different kinds of pleasures. One of them is food. One of the things that give gluttony in astrology or an overdoing with the pleasures is an aspect to Venus. Certainly from Jupiter (especially square and conjunction). And if Venus is in an aspect with the AC ruler or in the first house with those aspects it can give eating too much and a bigger body.

Also, when Venus and the Moon are in aspect to each other. One rules our emotions and the body (the Moon) and Venus is all those pleasures we love so much. You can see how those two in a difficult aspect can give emotional eating or overdoing it with food (gluttony).

One of the most difficult aspects to Venus is Neptune. Because Neptune can deceive a person into thinking that they are not overdoing it. When in fact they actually are. With Neptune being related to addictions and Venus to pleasures, You can start making connections to gluttony immediately. Especially when those two are in a difficult aspect with each other. Even during those transits (opposition, square, or conjunction), You can start noticing Yourself convincing Yourself that You “really need that burger” or “another drink won’t kill You” in Your mind.

Temperance and moderation come in from the side of the heavenly virtues and Libra does its best to balance out the gluttonous side of Taurus here. But with Libra, You always need to be aware of extremes. And handling this energy will always require Your efforts. To understand when You are overdoing it with pleasures (gluttony) and when You are in balance with these things that bring us so much joy (temperance).

Wrath — SATURN — PATIENCE — again, we have a planet that rules two signs traditionally. Capricorn and Aquarius. It is important to understand this if we are to master the Sin of wrath and move towards the path of patience. Because the expression “The wrath of Saturn” doesn’t come from thin air.

Many of us are familiar with the maybe negative side of Saturn that speaks of blockages, restrictions, etc. But the wrath side is oftentimes hidden. And this is precisely why it is so important to understand. Saturn is also one of the planets that can suppress, and especially when it comes to what is really going on with us. Meaning we might be experiencing something that is not of our liking. But Saturn doesn’t allow us to express this side of ourselves and instead it pushes it even deeper.


Until we can’t take it anymore and we explode, or in other words, bring the wrath of Saturn. This side of Saturn is often associated with the sign of Aquarius and rightfully so. This can be seen in sudden outbursts in anger (or wrath in this case) when a person who has been completely detached and seemingly calm, suddenly releases their suppressed emotions/feelings.

It can be argued that the way to master wrath would be to patiently check-in with Yourself daily, to see where You are at. What You are experiencing, feeling, wanting, and then admitting this to Yourself. Because what happens when we stop and listen to ourselves? We understand what is really going on. We can then rationally see that these things we are working on might take time, or we are getting too ahead of ourselves if we look at it calmly, etc.

This needs to be practiced often and for a long period of time (also Saturn) so that in the end we are able to come to the place of patience. Which is the so-called higher manifestation of Saturn. Taking Your time, building foundations, gathering mastery.

Pride — SUN — HUMILITY — this one is the most obvious of them all. Who of us doesn’t know the proud side of Leo or the Sun? I would personally argue that this is one of the biggest places of downfall for the extremely proud Sun ruled Leo. In this day and age, it is almost a given that You shouldn’t show any kind of humility because it is mostly considered a weakness. I can personally understand this as well, there’s usually less glory and attention for people who choose the humble power of the Sun rather than those who flock their golden mane in front of everyone.

But the thing with pride is that it usually goes into Your head and You start becoming obnoxious to be around. Some pride is good but too much of it is a place where judgments happen. Meaning, people start thinking that they are better than everyone else. This is the place where life can teach a person a very valuable lesson. When no one is around You, are You still so proud that You think You are better than others? Or do You start seeing the worth of others as well?

If we consider the aspects then Jupiter’s influence here can make a person very proud or enhance the negative (or positive) qualities of the Sun. Or even Mars with its ambition can make the person overconfident in their abilities.

Lust — MERCURY — PURITY — this association for me is the most tricky one. But we can again bring in the two signs that Mercury rules. Gemini and Virgo. Gemini is not usually considered a lustful sign but in my personal experience, there is a case to be made here for Gemini’s lustfulness. Gemini is one of the most curious of the signs and that also applies in the bedroom. That is why I chose Mercury and Gemini to represent the lustful part of us.

Because when You think about it one of the biggest things that open the lustful part of ourselves is curiosity. Curiosity for another partner, curiosity for the partner we can’t have, curiosity for multiple partners… This in turn opens up the lustful feeling within ourselves. Or I should say, lustful energy.

Which brings us to the other side of the coin, purity. Virgo is the purest one of all the signs, and directly translated from Latin it does mean virgin. The ultimate symbol of purity. Although in real life, most Virgos in my experience tend to talk more about the high morals they uphold than actually doing it…

The key here is to be aware of these energies and balance the Gemini curious/lustful energy with the purity of Virgo.

Greed — JUPITER — CHARITY — with Jupiter, it is easy to see the charitable energy of the planet or the heavenly virtue side. But what about the sinful and greedy part?

One of the biggest nuances to understand is that with Jupiter, it always expands everything it touches. Or gives in abundance. When we as humans experience this energy we don’t just take it and receive it. Rather, it feels so good to get and receive that we want more and more. At that moment the benevolence and charity if Jupiter starts to turn into greed.

Because, if You think about it, who hasn’t experienced being benevolent and charitable with others and that being taken advantage of? People wanting more and more of You. Or whatever it is You are providing them with. And if You really think about it, You probably have done the same to others as well. Ruined their giving with Your greediness of always wanting more and more, without realizing what this can be doing to the other person.

The key to mastering greed and turning that into charity is in our ability to just receive and give. In essence, we have to forget our receiving because we are expecting to gain something. Or the expectation of anything altogether. Because, when we are expecting to get something, in time this will turn into more and more expectations. And then, in the end, when we don’t let go of that it will turn into greed and taking more than we need.

Sloth — MARS — DILIGENCE — this one is maybe even the trickiest of them all. Because a lot of people associate Mars with wrath. And to some extent that is true but I believe that sloth-diligence is a better fit for the fiery adolescent in our solar system.

Very often when a person is suffering from the inability to create in the world we astrologers say “Go to Your Mars”. Or use Your Mars if You wish. And what’s even more so, when a person is suffering from sloth, then they very often have some sort of infliction to Mars. Either by transit or natally. This means the physical creating ability of the person is damaged and needs some reinvigorating.

This is when You go to Your Mars or Aries in Your natal chart and start energizing Yourself. Or using Your ambition which in time and practice starts turning into diligence.

Not much is said but I believe this to be very important with Mars. How You manage Your Mars or energy is extremely important. Mastering this part of Mars is the key to mastering sloth and diligence.

When You learn to divide Your energy in a proportionate way there is less room for sloth and more room for diligence. It’s a very simple equation, learn to use Your energy or manage it + taking breaks in appropriate times = diligence. Easier said than done of course.

With all aspects to the planets (and actually with the planets themselves), it is important to keep in mind that it always matters how You use the energy. It is possible to misuse the so-called positive aspects as well as the so-called negative ones. Hopefully, this will give You a better understanding of the negative sides of planets and the positive ones. So you can master and learn about their energy, as well as use it appropriately.

The more conscious You are of Your subconscious abilities, the more access You have towards them. And the more in control of them You are as a person of those negative ones.

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