Venus Square Jupiter in Astrology

Venus square Jupiter

Venus square Jupiter, an aspect in astrology known for its complexity and intriguing nature, plays a pivotal role in the celestial dance of the cosmos. This alignment, which occurs when Venus and Jupiter form a 90-degree angle in their unique orbits, stands out for its profound impact on human life. It’s not just an astronomical … Read more

Venus Retrograde in Leo 2023: Effects on Love and Money

venus retrograde in leo

The year 2023 will see Venus retrograde in Leo, a significant astrological event. Venus retrograde is a period when the planet appears to move backwards in its orbit from the perspective of Earth. During this time, Venus’s influence on relationships, finances, and creativity is heightened. The retrograde period will begin on July 22nd, 2023, and … Read more

“If I don’t have money/possessions I’m not lovable!” Beliefs about money revealed with astrology

Working on projects that You don’t really like just for financial reasons? Over working Yourself to the ground? Tired, unhappy, and empty inside no matter how much money or possessions You have? There’s a high probability that You have a hidden belief within Your consciousness that is keeping You stuck in constant fear. In this … Read more

Weekly Astrological and Intuitive overview – February 21-27, 2022

With the Venus and Mars conjunction now in full bloom, things can get steamy in the bedroom… More like planned and organized sex nights (because it’s happening in Capricorn)… Jupiter enters Jupiter term, which will definitely be seen as strength in the sign of Pisces, a sense of more optimism creeps in and takes to … Read more

Weekly Astrological and Intuitive overview – February 14-20, 2022

The week begins with the month long dance of Venus and Mars, the feminine and masculine inside of us (the passive but understanding, the ambitious but rash). The week, as well as the month ahead, are definitely a balancing act between the two. During the middle of the week, we will experience the Full Moon … Read more

Are You scared of people eating Your food? – Venus, Moon, Pluto in Scorpio

Get triggered every time someone eats “the thing You really wanted to eat”? Need to “control the fridge”? Eat fast and rapidly because “You are afraid someone else will come and eat it”? You might be re-experiencing childhood trauma again and again. In this deeper video, I dissect a real-life story of a person I … Read more

Material Possessions and Defining Yourself Through Them – Scorpio stellium (with Venus)

A person came to me scared about their material things/possessions. It had gotten so bad that they didn’t want to have people over because they were afraid that they will abuse their apartment and valuables. And they will get broken = lose it’s value. They were also yelling and screaming at their spouse because whenever … Read more

Weekly Astrological and Intuitive overview — February 1–6, 2022

My weekly astrological and intuitive reviews are back. I’m going to do more of these and cover the energetic influences of the ongoing week. Mercury and planets going direct. Moon through the signs, aspects, and much more! Tune in weekly! Ian Altosaar Link to purchase a webinar with me: Get my book here : For … Read more

✨ February Astrology ✨ Opportunities & Manifestation in Full Swing! ✨ #aquariusnewmoon #leofullmoon

And WE’RE BAAAACKK! The world-famous astrological duo Dliam is back with a vengeance! We sat down and dissected the month of February like never before. The following topics are discussed in the video: How I had fights with my fiancé and almost broke up. And how we went deep and decided to transform our relationship … Read more

Venus in opposition or square to Saturn and/or Uranus — challenges and troubles in Your love life

Photo by Shelby Deeter on Unsplash First of all, I get how much this hurts in Your relationships and partnerships. Been there and done that. These are not the easiest configurations to be dealing with on a daily basis. I feel Ya. People who got really hard hit by this were born during the end of July and … Read more