A Flower

Photo by Natalie Breeze on Unsplash

There once was a flower
It bloomed
It had natural beauty

It was admired by all
Then the season started to change
And the flower ended its bloom

All the attention
It was gone
It was fall

Darkness grew its wings
To reach us all
Nature withered
So did the flower

It tried to stand tall
But unable to deny nature’s call
It had to abide by its law

Suddenly it was even darker
The flower seemed small
Nobody saw it’s fall

It started yearning for more
The attention given to it before
It could not believe what it saw

Learned a lesson it had
First of many, sad
But it did not dare call it bad

The attention and love given
Were ego-driven
It had not really delivered

The sense of meaning and importance
The flower yearned for
It was instead, fleeting

While it was sleeping
Although it took some weeping
The flower grew strong

Then once again
Nature returned to our old friend
Cautious was its approach

And who would have guessed
I have to stress
All returned and caressed its neck

But this time
The flower knew best
It greeted the attention
But knew it was a test

So when they all left
After fall came and went
The flower had a more peaceful rest

Knowing that they all will return
When the time is ripe
And it’s gathered all of its might
While the flower is just living its life

Ian Altosaar

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