A New Purpose

I’ve been observing my own life, the lives of those closest to me and our current society for a while. One of my recent observations is that we are actually feeling really empty and meaningless. This may sound very harsh but hear me out.

For a while now most of our society has been sold on the idea of work (or own a company), have kids, marriage and then have more things, as well as look for new meaningless ways to entertain Yourself. Be it sports or video games or insert the next things that are “hot”.

You can imagine this type of approach to life can leave a person feeling really empty and meaningless. Unfortunately, many people don’t even understand this. They just go out and buy a new pair of sunglasses and pretend that it’s okay. Of course, all the booze and drugs available to us helps to numb some of that emptiness. So most of us stay in that painful cycle.

I believe that deep down we all know that we are capable of more, we actually want more, we want more meaning, we want to grow and evolve as humans. We yearn for connection and meaning in our personal, as well as professional lives.

I’m observing that this deep, passionate cry within us is getting stronger. Much, much stronger. When we deny it, the booze and drug game wins. Or hamburgers or sunglasses etc.

If we gradually decide to go after that call, who knows. One of the things is that none of us truly knows. This is a hard pill to swallow. Leaving behind something we know (but are already learning that does not work as well) for something that does not yet exist. Painful.

But a question to ask ourselves is “What happens when we don’t follow that call?” Here’s a clip from King Arthur The Legend of The Sword: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nySRdsNyvtc&w=560&h=315]

An amazing piece of cinema, I recommend You go see it now.

I know I’m being overly dramatic but I truly believe that our inner lives will go to shits if we at least don’t start moving towards something new. Something more meaningful than what we have now.

How to discover the next purpose of mankind?

  1. For starters, slow down. Breathe.
  2. Second, drop the new sunglasses hunt, listen to Your soul. Listen to Yourself, or the holy spirits. Listen to someone who has dropped that shit and then listen to Yourself if You have to go through that. I did. I still am.
  3. Third, find a way to connect with something greater than You. Learn that there is more than this reality to this human experience. This will open Your mind to new possibilities to what that purpose might be.
  4. The fourth thing You can do, share that purpose with others.
  5. Fifth, find a joint purpose together with others.
  6. Sixth, go towards that purpose with others who You share that vision with.
  7. And then if that’s done, rest and find a new one. Hopefully even with more meaning.

Ian Altosaar

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