Hope For The World To End

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash I hate that women can control me with sex I hate that I control women with my love I strongly dislike the fact that every interaction in this capitalistic society is built upon having leverage over others I hate that we have become empty shells of human beings Whose lives are geared …

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A New Purpose

I’ve been observing my own life, the lives of those closest to me and our current society for a while. One of my recent observations is that we are actually feeling really empty and meaningless. This may sound very harsh but hear me out. For a while now most of our society has been sold …

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Behind The Energy Of Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Technology

Image source: Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash The following article will give a glimpse into the energetic realm of humans and our subconsciousness. I will use the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain as an example of how this world and reality works for humans. In the attempt to empower people to create consciously. First, we need to understand …

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True Times

Image source: Photo by Daniel Frank from Pexels Days They go by Why To remind Death Is always by our side Can life Suddenly Reappear? Yes When death Has been lived Take A deeper breath To rest It will take Time But people will rise Hidden away In the sky Knowledge To remember Our true …

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A New Piece of Solitude

Image source: Photo by Irina Kostenich from Pexels It is scary to be scared To hold on to some old threads But we must forge on A new pathway is clearing Undoubtedly this requires healing Of all aspects of the mind, body, and soul Realms never seen, places we have never been We need to …

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The Goodness of Mankind

Image source: Accepting Your chosen path or destiny if You will, can be quite challenging. Working with dense energy seems sometimes harsh and misguided. Often all we have to take us through is the knowing that hopefully, this will all make sense one day. And all of our gifts will reveal themselves when most necessary. …

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The Next Days of Man

Image source: Can this photo be any more cliche? Seek approval If only for Yourself The mind ripples into effects Poised for the thunderous effects Of mankind The social currency of today Disease and vomit Or forceful positivity There is a middle ground Hound by the protectors on each side We are torn towards extremes Only …

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A Vision

Image source: Do You realize how hard it is? To do the things that nobody is doing To go to the places unknown To feel the pain that is not felt And come back to tell the tale? There’s only so far I could go alone I have to stroke the legs of mystics …

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