Beliefs About Money, And Something You Can Do About Them

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It’s beliefs Saturday here in The Mystical Money Machine group.

I talk a lot about investing and making money work for You but I’m equally vocal about my beliefs. And how I work with them.

The biggest changes in my income have come through some sort of change in my consciousness. Understanding what I believe and then working towards changing it.

One of the biggest jumps came when I quit my job, knowing that I was worth more, that I wanted more.

What followed was about 5 months of deep inquiry (which included sitting in the dark naked) about my worth as a man in this world.

In the end I came to the conclusion that I, Myself was the one who was not appreciating my skills enough. And what I can bring to an organisation for example.

After that period I received and offer for a job that paid almost twice as much as I got paid before. I also started taking more aggressive action towards my investments. Which paid off later.

I really want to convey the importance of what we believe about money. Or about anything really. It plays a huge part in our lives.

And I want to give You something that can serve You in Your material life.

About a year ago I was in inquiry about how to change and advance my mindset about money. How to grow and make more of it. Basically, I was asking a lot of questions about abundance, making money, worth etc.

Usually when I do that, something happens. Information comes through a friend, colleague or in my case, dreams.

I had a very vivid dream in which one of my close relatives (who is now passed on from this reality) came to me and explained something about money. She spoke in a very clear voice and the information came through very clearly.

It was about shopping and buying things.

When we go to the supermarket we are usually bombarded with many choices. Lot of “offers” for super low prices and “cheap bargains”.

It’s very tempting to go towards it because our minds think we are “saving” money. In other words almost making money. But this is not what actually happens.

And she described this to me perfectly.

When we go towards those bargains and offers, go for the cheapest price all the time, we send a very powerful signal to our subconsciousness.

We don’t have enough. We don’t have enough to go for what we really want. At least we think so. Why would we otherwise go for the cheapest products?

I started noticing this. Every time I went for one of those “bargains” something in my body contracted. And I realised that it’s actually true.

I was constantly programming myself to think that I don’t have enough. While at the same time with my conscious mind thinking that I was making money. That was not true at all because this will leak out in other ways.

Couple of extra points to make here.

This does not mean You have to go towards the most expensive products all the time. No. You need a more balanced approach towards this.

One neat little trick is to be there in the supermarket, look at the shelves, look at those more expensive prices and just feel into Yourself, notice what is going on. And at the same time say to Yourself “I have the money to buy this.” Because it’s actually true. You have that money in Your wallet, or bank account or investment fund. You are just choosing not to use it at this time. But You are also sending a different signal to Your subconsciousness that is the most important part here.

The only thing that is stopping us is the fact that we fear that we might not have enough in the future. And then this powerful unconscious belief starts creating our realities. Then soon enough this might be our reality.

So next time You are at the supermarket notice this. Or shopping online. Notice what’s going on.

Also, treat Yourself once in a while to a quality product that is more expensive that that “super cheap bargain” or “3 = 4” offer of socks. Get those expensive bamboo socks and feel that abundance on Your feet. That feeling will grow and You will slowly start changing that belief.

You are proving to Yourself that You have enough. And it feels really fucking good to let Your feet breathe through those amazing socks made of bamboo. Or whatever it is specifically for You.

Ian Altosaar

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