A Ramble About Everything And Nothing

Image source: https://vjindigo.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/power-of-mother-nature.jpg

Denial and emptiness
Soaked with a ladle full of darkness
It’s so vast, robust. With a hint of lust
Soon it will be dusk, all the rust
Will either shine or say it’s goodbye’s
Out of site, You might
Nibble on life tonight
It’s alright, this fight
Is Yours, on all fours
Rest on Your laurels
Then get back on track
The fact You lack
A solid plan of attack
Might seem like a trap
Step back and take all that flack
I promise, You will stay intact
Okay, I lied. You will die
It will be a good death
A scary one
When You are done
It will feel like a home run
I salute You hun
We had our fun
Let’s ride off into the sun


Ian Altosaar

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