Mystical Mystery Woman I Came Across On The Internet

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You seem intriguing to me
Young and wild and free?
Heard that before
No, not that kind of freedom
Not that kind of wilderness
You have deep inner wilderness
You can grasp Your own divinity
Humbly, like it’s right there in Your vicinity
I love that about You
There’s balance
You are a seeker
A tweaker of words
There’s strength in You
But I can sense Your vulnerability
I would like to get to know You
But I’m scared of Your fire
At the same time I admire
The fact You speak Your truth
Keep Your cool and I drool
Metaphorically of course (Sometimes literally)
Over You like it’s the blue moon
Hope some day soon
I can take You to the Louvre
And make Myself look like a fool

Impulsively Yours,

Ian Altosaar

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