A Sensitive

Image source: Photo by Mike Schrengohst on Unsplash

How does it feel like?
To live with this
Incredibly deep passion for life and love
Wanting to feel everything
But not knowing how to express it all?
Deep apologies are not enough
Not knowing if I’m okay
Is all this okay?
Fully and deeply
Superlatives in every way
Being afraid that it might be too much for someone
For everybody?

The emotional side of a man can often be suppressed by everyone around him. In all actuality, this might be happening because of deeply rooted shame in the psyche of that very same man. So he is actually the one who is ashamed of being so emotional.

Full acceptance of ourselves is necessary.

To all the brave souls who embrace how they feel and dare to be themselves. Even if it’s in the comfort of their own home. A time has come for us to understand ourselves more deeply. Look at people as individuals not as generalized gender stereotypes.

We each have our own unique expression of God inside us. Be it our skin color or emotional richness, whatever it is. It is time for us to accept who we are. To truly see ourselves.

It is time for me to accept who I am. A sensitive, quite emotional man. Sometimes. That is one side of me.

Ian Altosaar

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