A Society Of Void Fillers


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A void
What’s in it?
Nothing and everything
What’s so scary about it?
Everything and nothing
You might discover who You truly are
Or You might lose Yourself completely
Some might argue that’s the same thing
Let them argue
As You step in
Hold up Your chin
That’s too much pressure
Just breathe My friend
I’m here
Watch Yourself getting ripped apart by the nothingness
When You look into the mirror after
There will be laughter
But later
First there’s pain
You can feel it bursting under Your skin
Like a volcano about to erupt but You won’t
That’s not You
Calm on the surface
Crawling with demons underneath
As You make Your way through it
Then You ease into it
You cling to it
Make an identity of it
Get fed up with it
Where are My prizes?
In Your fucking heart!
The humongous emptiness of it will drag You to it
If needed be
You choose
The choice is always Yours My friend
You know this! You remember this!
And as You step into it, and I know You will
Be still
It fills

With sadness,

Ian Altosaar


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