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For real, just be with me
Just cut all the crap, all the fucking learned patterns of dominating and power dynamics
And just sit with me
Just look into My eyes as I gaze into Yours
What do You see?
What do You feel?
There’s a broken man
Broken by life and pain, death.
Can You appreciate him?
Can You love him?
If no, just go
You will find someone to mold and play with
If yes, then just sit with me here, gently present
Can You now see all the shit?
All the games?
Subtle manipulations?
Backward ways of getting what You want?
I’m heartbroken
There’s only death
I’m tired
I don’t care about the polarity
Fuck it
Let’s just stay here
You and I
No words
No games
Just silence
That’s all we need


Ian Altosaar


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