A Stepping Stone

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/fog-covered-mountain-wallpaper-897717/

What if what You know now can be enhanced?
What if this is just a stepping stone on to something new?

In the eyes of the constant seeker
Life can take on new colors
Honored by the presence that is You

If nothing around You makes sense anymore
Then You might as well create something new with the time that You have been given

Driven by the very same fact
Not to keep the old intact
To release what has served it’s purpose

Do You want to make sense of this?
There is no sense
Just observation until the next chapter

Capture what You can
Remember the times when You rented a van
The moments when Your feet were in the sand

Come together and make a band
Of brothers and
Father time whispers
It is time to take a stand

Ian Altosaar

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