A Story About A Little Boy

2015-12-25 21.17.13

Image source: Private collection

Let Me tell You a story about a little boy
You can say that he was somewhat coy
He had blonde hair and love was the language he spoke
But life is weird in a way, he could not cope

There were feelings he did not understand
And true guidance wasn’t at hand
He felt lost, he was sad
The loneliness drove him mad

He built up walls, stories of who he was
He rejected help, showed his claws
Hiding everything he once knew to be true
So deep, so dark no one had a clue

He fell in love, many times
He hurt and was hurt through the tides
He had enough of what he deemed were lies
In silence You can still here the cries, goodbyes

So until he can lift himself up
This just has to be enough



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