The Seeker

His everywhere
And nowhere
Like lightning
His alone
And together
Like berries
He wants to be seen
And be invisible
He can’t be touched
Yet he is penetrated by everything
He is a mystery
And an open book
To tell You the truth
There’s not much You can do
In full bloom
Behold the beauty
He holds
Let it unfold
Like the wild beast that is inside
Weirdly he can be tamed
He is a sucker
Not in a bad way
He is only human or dancer? Giggle
Love is what haunts him
In a good way
A clean slate
Is it too late?
He will say this
I have faith!
He doesn’t believe himself
He wants to have faith
Only doubt remains
Still it rains
Dry tears
And small fears
Is it courage that You see?
I want to believe!
That all this is for something
It remains to be seen…



2015-12-23 20.23.54

Mortaal kombaaaat! Fight!

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