All Life Is Death

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A grueling concept
But when You sit with it long enough
A certain ease arises
The fighting stops
You are still afraid of death
But You are clear about the certainty of it

I’m not asking You to be okay with it
Just sit with it
Toy with it
Lean on it
Try to debunk it
Laugh at it
Ridicule it
Be amazed by it
And then when You are finally ready
Surrender to it
Learn to embrace it
Fake it til You make it doesn’t apply here
This is god’s territory
And by god I mean the real You
The ever knowing You

Then look at what life brings You
The ease of each moment
You are able to drink it in
The greedy side of us wants to gobble it up
Until death reaches that as well

Nothing escapes it
As if it was saying don’t suffocate it
Inflate it
Make it
Forsake it
These aren’t commands
These are words from a man who just realized it



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