2016-01-05 15.12.48
Image source: View from the office building I work at during a snowstorm.

And suddenly You can see the beauty of it all
A guy on the corner speaking french
Fuck I love french!
The curves of a woman passing by
Her coy smile
The softness
The sensuality of her whole being
You want to declare Your love for her in that very moment
But You wont
You just watch her move gracefully when Your gazes meet
Left thinking what if
And it’s okay
Because the loss of beauty so great should be mourned
Maybe she’s thinking the same
You hope
There’s no way of knowing
She has elegantly moved on
You are there accepting the death of that moment
It’s all right My friend
You will meet again and until then
Take this message as godsend

Lovingly Yours,



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