Astrological Report 20th of April, 2020. Aries MOON!

This is a general astrological report on the 20th of April, 2020. I picked the most important influences and how they should affect us during this unusual time.

With the Moon out of Pisces and in Aries, the elemental balance has shifted a little again. With more focus still on practical things, starting and preserving things already started. The Mutable energy here can ask us to change those ideas, projects we started or are starting. Again, less focus on emotional, feeling life. Earth energy gets a huge boost with Sun moving into fixed earth sign Taurus. When during Aries season the focus was on starting new things and initiating new things, the Sun in the slow-moving and grounded Taurus we need to start solidifying those ideas and initiatives taken. It is about preserving during Taurus season.

Sun in Taurus. The creating energy should slow down a little here. When we felt really initiative during Aries season, it is now more about solidifying those actions taken. We cannot be running around like excited Aries constantly. We would burn out. And so here is Taurus, asking us to make our ideas more solid, or projects. Preserving is also key whenever talking about Taurus energy. During this time, it’s not about something new and fancy. It’s more about doing the things already started and that You can do. From a business perspective or borrowing from software development, it is the time to not make new improvements to Your code or business. It is about keeping it running and working. Or the focus should be there.

Moon in the initiative and fiery Aries. Emotions are running hot. But as fast as they rise, just as quickly the calm down. I’m personally born with Moon in Aries, so I can speak from first-hand experience here. A very passionate time, a need for movement, exercise, sex. For a couple of days, to take some initiative still, to take some action in Your life. Emotions might get an excitement boost. Aries is like a small child. Very quick, emotions rise quickly, excited quickly, but at the end of the party (or well before that), they are the first one sleeping in the room where they keep the coats. So, You might feel a rush of energy and an instant desire to start something, it is a good time to do it. But the energy will quickly run out. Best if You can find something that You can start and finish fast. Otherwise, Aries might get bored with it. The negative side of this is You might feel restless (then it’s a good time to go an exercise or take some action in the real world), or You might get emotional reactions to things, or be too aggressive in Your expressing of feelings. One of my teachers described the Aries Moon negative side perfectly, it is like a child who is having a temper tantrum. Observe and be careful with that part of the Aries Moon.

Jupiter and Sun are in a square. We haven’t really talked a lot about aspects to the Sun but I believe at the very least this deserves a mention here. The square is a separating one so we should already be starting to move away from the effects of this. And luckily at the end of the month they will be forming an easier and beneficial trine. The essence of this square aspect is overestimating Your creative abilities and an inflated ego. You might have or still, be in that phase of overvaluing Your creative capabilities or how much You can now create in the world. Or even think too much of Yourself. Or be too preachy and cocky with how You show up in the world. Sun and Jupiter square is like the obnoxious teacher, who preaches too much, thinks too much of him or herself, and although they might have great intelligence and ideas, nobody wants to listen to them because they are an arrogant egomaniac. This might be overdoing it a little but I hope You get the gist of this. Avoid being too optimistic about Your capabilities during this time.

Sun conjunct Uranus. It is still wide, a 6-degree orb but it will get more exact and intense as we progress into May. This exciting conjunction should enliven Your creative capacity and bring new creative ideas. And these ideas are innovative, new, might even be quirky in some way. If we add the Taurus influence here, could be ideas and creativity around that has been started already. And now with this conjunction gets a new boost of energy in an innovative approach. Flashes of brilliance! The downside could be some troubles with male authority figures. Or wanting Your creative freedom so much that there can be some issues with male authority figures. Or even father figures. Depending on Your specific situation. But a creative boost will surely be the case here. Be sure to write down those ideas because Uranus moves so quickly. The idea comes very quickly but it can vanish similarly. Be more aware of those moments and take advantage of them!

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