Astrological Report 18th of April, 2020. PISCES Moon!

This is a general astrological report on the 12th of April, 2020. I picked the most important influences and how they should affect us during this unusual time.

For a moment in time, at least for a couple of days, we have a nice balance with the elementals. There’s energy in fire, air, earth and water signs. This should make for a good balanced energetic experience on planet earth. Just enough feeling, just enough ideas, just enough taking action, just enough perseverance and grounded approach.

Moon is now in borderless and spiritual Pisces. Our feeling life is full of imagination and in some cases disillusion. Pisces is all-encompassing and oneness energy, and this is what we are yearning for. Emotional feelings without borders, merging with our and other’s feelings. It does make for a very sensitive time, feeling other people’s emotions more precisely. A very intense connection to the other realms is possible with Pisces Moon. Some of our practical duties and left-brain activities can suffer a bit but considering all the other influences it should be fine during this Pisces Moon. On the negative side, going for addictions can be prevalent. And knowing where we are in our consciousness, people will do that more during Moon in Pisces.

And what will increase the sensitivity and intuition even more? Moon will make a conjunction with Neptune as well. Increasing all of that feeling, healing, intuitive, meditative, connecting to other realms of existence type energy even more. This is a good time for spiritual work, and not the intellectual type. Energy healing, reiki, meditation all can be quite good. There is a square coming in from Venus to both Moon and Neptune. But even a harder aspect from Venus is usually not that bad. Maybe some emotional dissatisfaction with pleasure and beauty in Your life could also mean that there is something that emotionally disturbs You in Your relationship, or that You are not satisfied with. But this passes quickly and soon the Moon and Venus will be in a sextile = more harmony in relationships, more enjoyable emotions, etc.

Venus and Neptune in a square can speak of disillusions with money, even misplacing money, sometimes even some financial losses or buying something that You really don’t need. Spending on something. Or going into pleasurable addictions, even overdoing it with bed pleasures. Too much food, too much alcohol. So be aware of this and do Your best not to overindulge with these things.

Sun is in the last degree of Aries before it moves into fixed earth Taurus. We could see a final rise in our creative abilities and creating abilities. Something we need to take action with now. Or just an extra spurt of energy before the Sun moves into a more grounded and slow-moving Taurus. We could have final inspiration and initiative to start creating something new or start a new creative/career project with this last degree of Aries.

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