Astrological Report 24th of April, 2020. New Moon In TAURUS!

This is a general astrological report on the 24th of April, 2020. I picked the most important influences and how they should affect us during this unusual time.

From the elemental perspective, we are lacking fire energy. It is a bit harder to start completely new things. And with Aries season and all of it’s starting new things and excitability behind us I believe it is a good time to continue working on things already in progress. Although, some new ideas might pop into our heads with Mercury finishing its stint in the fiery Aries. Mostly it is about working and solidifying things, grounding them. Things are a little slower. But there is enough Cardinality going on. Meaning, we shouldn’t just sit on our asses and do nothing. Rather take action and continue working on things already in place, and making them better. Keeping things working is also the name of the game. A solid, grounded and slow-moving pace is mostly best.

Moon is also now in the sign of Taurus with the Sun, and this means we have a New Moon. Moon is also exalted in the sign of Taurus. This means a more positive placement, and with it, our emotional lives should get a boost. More need for pleasure, desire to spend time in nature, wanting beautiful things in Your life, feeling a bit more stable for a moment in time. And spending time in nature can also ground Your feelings and emotions, especially during Moon on Taurus. Good time for dealing with finances, promoting Your products, a generally enjoyable time, might receive something good in Your life. It could be something as simple as an enjoyable meal. Taurus can be a little stubborn at times, so be on the lookout for that. Especially with Your emotions and feelings. Are You holding on to something just to hold on to it? To prove a point? Overall, people are more pleasant to be around during Taurus Moon because there is all this beauty, and pleasure, groundedness in their feelings and emotions.

The New Moon does spice things up here a little. Full and New Moons are an energetically charged time. The veil between worlds is thinner, and Your emotions are a bit on the edge. Luckily it is Taurus so generally, it is a little easier to deal with a Taurus Full and New Moon. New Moons are also about emptying and then starting again. If there have been some projects that You have been pondering for a while, a good time to start these after the New Moon. Approximately on the 25th or 26th of April. Or maybe there are old projects that need to be kickstarted, continued in some way. Again, a good time to have meetings and discuss the next actions that need to be taken. A better chance for these projects to be successful.

A little extra on the New Moon energy. New Moon energy can be described as follows, wanting to create something, and wanting it quickly. Yet the energy is not quite there yet, is new, it’s raw. It is actually better to wait for a little and feel the urgency. Under that urgency, there is usually something deeper. A feeling why You are rushing Yourself, pushing Yourself. Let that raw energy settle, and after the New Moon period start taking action.

The Moon does receive support from Pluto and Jupiter but there is an agitating aspect from Mars in the form of a square. There is a chance that something will irritate us emotionally during this New Moon, feeling some frustration about things not moving quicker, or someone irks Your emotions. Easier for that spark plug to ignite during this New Moon for sure. Luckily Moon also receives support from Neptune, so some spiritual work will be good during this short period, meditation. Jupiter will expand the optimism in our feelings and emotions. While Pluto will allow us to use our intuition and feel into others deeply. Some emotional transformations are bound to happen with this configuration.

Saturn and Sun are in a square together. Which usually dampens our vitality. Creative ability is a bit down. Everything seems like a chore and a duty. Hard work is good to do during this time, yet the feeling state is quite grey. Resistance to working but funnily enough, this could be something good to do during this time. Although, I do recommend during the New Moon to take a couple of days and do less. Chill out, meditate. Of course, do the work that needs to be done but extra efforts can be taken later.

Moon, Sun, and Uranus conjunct. I spoke about the Sun and Uranus conjunction in my previous report and it still stands. But now the Moon joins them. Which adds an extra layer to our energetic experience here. Here’s the Uranus Sun conjunction description again: “This exciting conjunction should enliven Your creative capacity and bring new creative ideas. And these ideas are innovative, new, might even be quirky in some way. If we add the Taurus influence here, could be ideas and creativity around that has been started already. And now with this conjunction gets a new boost of energy in an innovative approach. Flashes of brilliance! The downside could be some troubles with male authority figures. Or wanting Your creative freedom so much that there can be some issues with male authority figures. Or even father figures. Depending on Your specific situation. But a creative boost will surely be the case here. Be sure to write down those ideas because Uranus moves so quickly. The idea comes very quickly but it can vanish similarly. Be more aware of those moments and take advantage of them!” When You add our emotions and feelings, intuition to this, it makes a powerful energetic cocktail. Sudden reactions, feelings coming out of nowhere. Sudden creative impulses, these can enliven Your emotions. Or You can even intuitively receive some downloads with innovative information. Depending on how open You are to it! Write those ideas down, and take action later!

Saturn, as mentioned will dampen this a little. The government could also take some quick measures, or restricting actions towards the common people that could limit us in some way. (After I had written this, I saw in the news that President Trump had suspended immigration to the US for 60 days. When it’s in the sky, it’s on earth as well.)

Happy New Moon in Taurus!

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