Like Spikes

Image source: Photo by Dan Hadfield on Unsplash Open kite A variety of rites Of passages Through the night Kindly reminded me What was once lost Can You see the way You feel? To others Pain strikes Like spikes They pierce the camouflage I saw You tonight Ian Altosaar

Many Different

Image source: Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash Feelings Can’t describe them But we have to To make some sense of this Let’s take a kiss For example Many different variations of it They all feel very different When we stop and listen for a moment They all seem to evaporate Into nothingness There Read more…

Find The Answers

Image source: Photo by Justin Main on Unsplash The insufferable emptiness That seems to follow me everywhere I go Sings me songs of hollowness The words shrieking in my ears So painfully loud, so achingly unignorable The steps that I take To fill the emptiness made By the nature of this experience stay Somewhere Read more…

Stepping Into Pain

Image source: Photo by joel herzog on Unsplash The smallest glitch Can release a tidal wave Of deep emotion Anger, sadness, disappointment Can’t seem to let go So much failure Rather a pattern rooted within me I shake I twist and turn Hide behind the curtain of knowing Still catches up to me Now Read more…

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