Astrological Report 28th of April, 2020. Moon In Cancer!

This is a general astrological report on the 28th of April, 2020. I picked the most important influences and how they should affect us during this unusual time.

With this report, I have now covered the entire Lunar month. Or the Moon moving through all the signs, which usually takes approximately 28,5 days.

For a few days, the Moon is boosting the water element. We are getting a much-needed activation to our feeling and emotional lives. Most of the energy is still concentrated in earth and air. It should be a good time to continue working on projects started and improving them somehow. Gradual progress and keeping things working is the name of the game. Not changing too much. But for a couple of days, the connection to more of the sensitive side of things is there as well.

Moon in Cancer. This is it’s home (or domicile) position, so the Moon feels good here. More of a desire to spend time at home, spend time with family, offer and receive nurturing with the close family members. Everyone is feeling quite sensitive, in tune with the forces of nature, intuition is heightened. We can feel a lot of emotional ups and downs during this time, but it can be quite enjoyable as well because it is easier to connect with Your emotions. The downside of Cancer is that it thinks we should intuitively feel everything. Including the needs and wants of others. Cancer doesn’t like to say what it wants, it waits for You to feel what it wants. Unfortunately, at times we are not so good at feeling, and the Cancer Moon can get easily offended because they so clearly (and intuitively I might add) let us know what they want from us. But we didn’t react to that deep emotional expression. Be aware of doing that Yourselves. Feel and connect with Your emotions but don’t forget to open Your mouth! I’ve personally seen that artistic expression that is more to do with feelings and emotions gets a boost as well when the Moon is doing its monthly stint in the emotional and nurturing Cancer.

The Moon is quite nicely supported, sextiles from the Sun, Uranus, and a wider one from Mercury. A wide trine from Neptune to add to the equation. Emotional life is supported during this time, exciting new emotions, feelings are more uplifted, a lot of emotional communication (writing, speaking), intuitive downloads (Uranus) of creative (The Sun) information (Mercury). Unfortunately, this is a short-term influence and somewhere around the 29th, the Moon will be shortly opposite Jupiter and Pluto again. Some difficult emotions might arise, and at the same time being too optimistic and over-flowing in our emotional expression. But generally, with the Moon being in Cancer this should be an emotionally enjoyable time. People are more caring, nurturing. Cancer has this motherly feel to it, glowing energy about them. People want to be around them generally because they care about others so much! But sometimes the caring comes at a cost (they want something in return).

Mercury and Saturn are in a square together, and it is a very exact square. This could even bring blockages of information, restrictions to media in some shape or form, or the media being blocked by government institutions. Or business activities being restricted in some way. In our personal lives, this could mean having difficulty in communicating our ideas, the mind can be a little slow (harder to process ideas), information exchange being slower or blocked/restricted, or we might have even problems with electronic devices (this could mean globally there’s like a travel ban or tightening of it, or the media gets blocked in some way by the governments, tighter regulations on the media).

Venus is in an interesting position, about to go retrograde, square from Neptune, and a trine from Mars still. At the same time, we could spend too much on something and enjoy too much food. And then exercise and make money very quickly. Hopefully, You will experience the latter!

Stay safe!

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