Astrological Report 26th of April, 2020. Moon In GEMINI!

This is a general astrological report on the 26th of April, 2020. I picked the most important influences and how they should affect us during this unusual time.

From the elemental perspective, there is not much change. Most of the focus is still in Earth and Air energies, quite nicely balanced in Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable signs. It should be a good time to continue working on projects started and improving them somehow. Gradual progress and keeping things working is the name of the game. Not changing too much.

Moon is now in Gemini and is conjunct with Venus. The scattered interest of Gemini will have it’s influence on our daily lives certainly. Doing many things at once, reading one thing here, talking to another person there, could boost the information we are getting. Learning some skills and using our hands to do things, while at the same time communicating and being curious. Although, the downside of this is being too scattered, not doing anything thoroughly, and being a social butterfly type person. Be on the lookout for that. I believe people can be interested in things for a shorter period of time as well when the Moon is in Gemini. Be aware of that. But a desire to receive and share information, to talk and communicate, as well as teach and learn new skills is on the rise. Commercial activities can get a short boost.

Venus brightens up our emotional life here. Brings a nice emotional boost to our feeling life. Generally, can feel good, enjoy some pleasures, good food, fine art. The downside could be to overspend a little and overeat. Maybe overdoing it with the wine on this Sunday. But this is still a gentle influence.

Let us talk about Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto which are all in a square. It is a very close one at that. At the moment of writing this, the orb with Jupiter is only 1 degree, and with Pluto 2 degrees. Mercury is the way we communicate, the markets, business, talking, speaking, information, media, etc. And in the square with Jupiter this can all be expanded, but overly expanded. Se the markets can receive a boost but it’s kind of a short-lived, manipulated boost. The information we receive can be made to look better, or it is very optimistic in nature. But unfortunately, the optimism doesn’t have anything real to back it up.

If we add Pluto to the mix here this information can be manipulated by powerful individuals. Being fed the things they want us to hear, not the actual truth. Or in Your day-to-day communication someone talks behind someone else’s back. Or tries to subconsciously manipulate You through their communication. Or You could be the one doing this. Having the current crisis in mind, some information might come out during this week that might not be the actual truth and could have a completely different agenda behind it. Look for distorted agendas at the moment from the media. Most likely not true, or at the very least distorted.

Uranus and Sun are now in an exact conjunct. The energies I’ve spoken about during the last two reports are now especially strong. Here’s the Uranus Sun conjunction description again: “This exciting conjunction should enliven Your creative capacity and bring new creative ideas. And these ideas are innovative, new, might even be quirky in some way. If we add the Taurus influence here, could be ideas and creativity around that has been started already. And now with this conjunction gets a new boost of energy in an innovative approach. Flashes of brilliance! The downside could be some troubles with male authority figures. Or wanting Your creative freedom so much that there can be some issues with male authority figures. Or even father figures. Depending on Your specific situation. But a creative boost will surely be the case here. Be sure to write down those ideas because Uranus moves so quickly. The idea comes very quickly but it can vanish similarly. Be more aware of those moments and take advantage of them!”

Mars and Venus are still locked in a beneficial trine. Quick ways of making money, taking actions in regards to money that can lead to beneficial results, physical actions that boost Your looks and appearance, increase Your beauty. And Mars also trines Moon, so our emotional and feeling life gets a quick boost as well. Feeling more energized, wanting to take action, wanting to be more physical, feeling excited for a couple of days.

Let us end on a positive note this time, and stay safe out there!

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