VENUS Retrograde 2020! General Overview And PERSONAL Predictions!

In this article, I will describe the upcoming Venus retrograde period and how it will affect us globally. This time the actual period is from the 13th of May, until the 17th of June.

It is important to mention here that each retrograde has a shadow period. This means the influence is already strong two weeks before and two weeks after the retrograde movement. The whole period is then from the 30th of April (approximately) until the 1st of July.

For a general description of retrograde periods through the example of Mercury retrograde, check out my videos here:

The sign where it is going retrograde is also important, this time it is Gemini.

I will first describe the overall influence of the Venus retrograde and then we will look at three different periods within the retrograde period itself. The Beginning, The Middle, and The End.

It is worth a mention that the planet going retrograde usually gives the biggest results 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the retrograde period. I’ve personally noticed that it very often happens right around the day when the planet goes officially retrograde, or comes out of it. Some dates to pay attention to, 13th of May and 17th of June (or around those days). What happens during those days can give indication of things to come.

Venus retrograde is especially important for all things related to money and financial markets. And retrograde periods are usually periods when things are a little haywire, more problems occur, etc. with the things involved or represented by the planet. Or I should say, influenced. This time Venus. Other areas that will be under strong focus: relationships, partnerships, money, beauty, beauty industry, food, food industry, nature (anything to do with nature), women, voice, design, music, art, anything related to finances. Venus is also anything we enjoy doing, where we get pleasure.

It will also influence women especially strongly. As well as anyone who is ruled by Venus. Meaning Ascendant, Sun or Moon in Taurus or Libra.

Let us start with financial markets and money in general. This is a heated topic currently everywhere, and it is my opinion that we are in for a correction downwards in the markets during this Venus retrograde period as well. I wrote a more statistical article comparing Bitcoin’s price action during Venus retrograde periods here:

In our personal life we will reevaluate finances and anything to do with money. We will look at our investments and make adjustments there. How we make our money will come under the microscope as well. Might need to do some corrections even there. Our incomes might at first dwindle or be under a squeeze of some sort. But the goal of Venus retrograde (or any retrograde) is to see what is working and what is not. And then make corrections and adjustments after that. A very strong focus on reevaluating our financial lives, and even from a more psychological level, how we feel about money, what we think about it, how do we see it?

The second big topic is self-worth. Venus rules our self-worth and during this time we can, at first, go into a place of doubting our self-worth, how we value ourselves can be dampened. Even hard to see our worth. But the important thing to realize during this is that the retrograde period is for us to cultivate a deeper understanding of our worth. And also, to see the places where we are too hard on ourselves. So that in the end, we will come out of the period with a new perspective about ourselves. And how we value ourselves, personally and professionally. For some of You this can mean charging more for Your services or asking for a bigger salary, raising prices of Your products. Or You might discover that You are in a relationship that is detrimental to Your worth, doesn’t value You, or You need to value Yourself more within the relationship. Maybe You are too accommodating, or maybe too little? In each case, this will get a deeper look during the retrograde period. And after, You can start making the necessary adjustments.

And now, the culmination of this event, our relationships. I saved this for last because this is probably the most important one during it. It’s all about relationships with Venus. Every kind of relationship will be under the microscope and thrown in our faces. Old relationships will return. If not physically then mentally. You will be thinking about past lovers and relationships. What happened there and who did what wrong?

Arguments can arise in relationships that seemed solid. Things and understandings swept under the rug will rear their heads to be examined and discussed through. Not to make You uncomfortable (which it inevitably will) but to give You better relationships at the end of the period.

Similarly, with business partnerships. Are You putting in enough work? Is Your partner or partners? Things need to be discussed openly and by using diplomacy (Venus) uplifted to a new level. If that is not possible then some business and personal relationships might unfortunately come to an end. Remember to be fair (Venus) to Yourself and to others during this. See their perspective and express Yourself as clearly as possible.

It is generally best not to start brand new business partnerships or marriage, or long-term partnerships during Venus retrograde. But the emphasis should be on improving existent ones, or reevaluating them and letting them go.

Yearning for pleasure during this time will be prevalent, yet at times harder to achieve. It mostly does seem like harder work or making Your relationships and the constant reevaluation seems like a lot of work, but it will pay dividends once the period is over. You have cleared the air in Your existing ones and those that need to leave will leave during this time. Better for all involved. But it will hopefully be a wake-up call for many as well. To see where they are not putting in the necessary effort. And with Venus, again, diplomacy is the best approach. If the person is eager to change and shows a willingness to change, maybe You can give them another opportunity? Or maybe they are the ones showing You the grace of Venus instead?

Patience is important in every retrograde period; things just move slowly. Do Your best to remember that as well.

The Beginning

It is most important that we focus on the aspects of Venus first and then look at the other ones after. The first and most difficult aspect to Venus, a square from Neptune. This can manifest in various ways. Loss of money, misplacing it, spending on some “scam” that doesn’t prove to have any real value, mislead in financial matters in general. With Venus being retrograde, this doesn’t look particularly good for financial markets in general. In our relationships this can look like misleading someone, being misled. Thinking one thing about the partner, but it turns out later that the person is completely different. Some illusions and allowing Your boundaries to be crossed because You think the other person is something other than they really are. This is a difficult square that does need some of our attention. Be careful not to mislead anyone, or pay extra attention to the actions of others during this time.

A wide trine from Mars can still boost our earning capabilities, or desire to take action with our finances, taking action in our relationships, taking action with our bodies to look more beautiful. But unfortunately, it is a wide one so the influence is fading. Nothing else to Venus.

From the positive side, Jupiter and Pluto are receiving a fortunate trine from the Sun (4-degree orb with Jupiter and 1 degree with Pluto). Our creative energy should be high. Although on slow-moving Taurus, the boost from Pluto and Jupiter will uplift our creativity, the ability to create in the world, our belief in our creative abilities. Support from powerful male figures can be possible. People in leadership positions can receive some monetary support, or a boost to their power. With the trine from Jupiter, hopefully they will become more benevolent as well (Jupiter is higher wisdom, knowledge, kindness), I do see this possibility strongly. Meaning people who are already materially well off and in leadership positions could even make more money, or they could show their good grace as well. If we really want to step into the positive side of things, there is a very wide trine between the Sun and Saturn. Good time to do some hard work, we will have some energy for this. Governments and the common people should also receive an energetic boost. People in leadership positions and the common people are more on one page, should be a supportive between the two classes for a moment.

Uranus and Saturn square deserves a mention. The traditional ruler of the common people (Saturn) and the more modern ruler of the commoners, the masses (Uranus) are going at it in a somewhat wide (6-degree orb) square. I translate this into restrictions put on us by the governments, limiting our freedom (Uranus), my fear is that this is an indication of things to come. We could see these measures taking a more intense turn as the year progresses. (I feel personally conflicted about this because there are other influences that might suggest more freedom in our movement. One of the ways this could manifest is some restrictions will lift, and others will remain. I believe at least some will definitely remain.)

The Middle

Venus is now in a much more detrimental position. Still the square from Neptune, square from Mars, and if that’s not enough, the Sun is within 8-degrees of Venus. This is considered a burned Venus. Meaning, the Sun is so close to the planet that it “burns” some of its positive influence, or good influence. It can hide the qualities of the planet. In other words, a combust Venus. We have a combust Venus which is getting squares from both Neptune and Mars… In Gemini, in retrograde…

But let us not give into temptation of the dark side and see how we can prepare for this, or what might some of the influences be like?

For the Neptune, influences look at the Beginning part of the article. Mars here can bring fights in our relationships, frustration, stress. It is safe to say that most of our relationships during this time are under a lot of stress anyway (Venus retrograde), and now Mars adds to that. More arguments can definitely arise. Best to channel this energy into physical activity, sports, fitness. Mars is also weakened here in Pisces and in conjunction with Neptune. Hopefully, this can play to our advantage, meaning the fights will be a little less aggressive. Although be aware of distorting facts in those fights, fighting for something that is not actually even worth fighting for. Might even wake up during the middle of the fight and both of You don’t even understand why You are fighting, or the topic of the fight itself is false. Financial matters can be stressful during this period. Considering all of the influences together here, I believe we might see another crash in the markets around this period. The last week of May will be very intriguing for the markets.

But what does the Sun add here? One of the core attributes or influences of Venus is balance, and also diplomacy. It will be harder to find a diplomatic approach in our relationships, negotiations. Relationships can be out of balance and under a lot of stress. And then, what usually helps us, diplomacy and balance are missing as well. This is an energetic cocktail that deserves our attention. Meaning, we must understand these influences and do our best to remember balance and diplomacy, might even add equality here, when times get tough in our relationships. Do Your best to understand the other person, see their point of view. Find balance and remember that it is easier to go into extremes during this time.

The only positive and close aspect is a sextile between Mars and Uranus. Could energize the people and the masses into taking some action that leads to more freedom, more activity on the cryptocurrency markets, more willingness to take action towards Your personal freedom. But like I said, Mars is in Pisces (not super strong), so the influence will be a little weaker. The middle of the Venus retrograde period seems very intense.

The End

Fortunately, the End of the period is a bit more graceful. Venus receives support from Saturn in the form of a trine. A more balanced emotional life, feeling calm and present, feeling solid in our relationships. Hopefully, this brings some relief to the governments and the common people. Some financial relief (finally!), more diplomatic relationships between the people and governments (as well as other hierarchical organizations).

Mars is supporting Pluto and Jupiter with a sextile, (and a wide one towards Saturn as well) we could see some positive or important, decisive actions are taken with the current crisis. These actions should (at least for the time being) bring some relief. Mars is a surgeon and initiative, Neptune is there (also in a sextile) there is a potential for some sort of remedy here for the crisis or for the virus itself. I’m not 100% sure if it’s the final vaccine or remedy, but at least some kind of medicine that helps us fight the virus and crisis in a beneficial way.

Let’s end this with a positive note and prepare ourselves for the intense retrograde period to come!

Predictions by sign (the area You will be most affected is where Venus is currently transiting. This time it is wherever Gemini is placed in Your chart. But also, the Venus-ruled areas in Your natal chart will feel this. And I’ve even noticed that wherever Venus is placed in Your chart will be affected during this time.)


For You Aries, this will influence Your 2nd and 7th house. You will feel it most intensely in Your 3rd house. Which are Your skills, teaching and learning them, communication, talking, writing speaking. You will be reevaluating Your skills, what is necessary, what needs improvement, where are You charging too little and where are You offering too much or too little value. 2nd house brings in the topics of self-worth, possessions, money, resources. All of those areas will be worked on and reevaluated. Improved as well. Now as a double whammy for You Aries, the 7th house is all about relationships anyway, You will feel this retrograde especially hard on Your relationships and partnerships. Talks with Your partners and business partners, what is working, what is not? Who is bringing what to the table? Do the agreements need to change?


The area most influenced by this retrograde is Your finances or the 2nd house. You will definitely reevaluate Your inner-worth as well. What are You truly worth? Are You charging too little? Too much? Are You really putting in the effort? Where are You putting Your money? What are You buying with it? Where are You investing it? The 1st and the 6th house will also feel this. Where am I going with my life, maybe some changes need to be made there? Daily routines and diet will be looked at more clearly, also Your work and employees, pets will feel the Venus retrograde period. Shifting things around and putting in efforts in those areas.


For You the strongest influence will be in the 1st house, meaning You, Yourself. The path You are on. You might even have a mini-crisis with Your body, which is also the 1st house. Am I pretty enough? Do I need to lose weight? This might even be a mini-crisis with Your overall path in life, some dissatisfaction with the way things are progressing, how You experience pleasure. I wouldn’t be surprised if You decide to make some drastic changes to Your appearance or body. But best to research these more drastic and dramatic changes and take action after the retrograde period. If it’s a matter of starting to exercise, it is a much smaller change. But plastic surgeries etc, not recommended during this time. You might discover that You don’t even want the changes after the period when Venus energy balances itself again. Other areas influenced, 12th and the 5th house. How Your rest and topics associated with children, spirituality, creative projects, and entrepreneurial pursuits will undergo some reevaluating.


The intensity is mostly in Your 12th house. Meaning, Your spirituality, how You sleep, how You rest, bed pleasures. There is a chance You will understand that the way You spend Your time off is not working for You. Or You will have to work a lot and have no time off. Or the way You approach Your spirituality is not right for You anymore, and the relationship with that needs to change. Or on another level, You might be just having less sexual pleasures during this period, and understand Your desire and need for them, maybe reevaluate these. Other areas influenced, 11th and the 4th house. Long term goals and family will undergo similar reevaluation and the relationships there will feel this retrograde intensely.


Venus is going retrograde in Your 11th house. Long-term goals, material gains, bonuses, salary. At the start, there can be a mini-crisis in those areas, which will lead You to start making changes. And hopefully, when the retrograde period is over, improve Your gains, salary, get a nice bonus. But keep in mind that during retrograde periods we need to put in three times as many efforts. Your 3rd house and 10th house will also feel this. So, Your communication, neighbors, and Your career will be influenced by this period. Am I in the right career? Is this neighborhood right for me? Or how You communicate, write, and speak will go under the microscope.


You will mostly feel it in Your 10th house of career and social status. Maybe things are not looking good in regard to Your career? Is it bringing You pleasure and enjoyment? Or the relationships at work, maybe they need some reevaluation and diplomacy? You will spend this period doing Your best to answer these questions. Other areas influenced, 2nd and 9th houses. Money and education. Or self-worth and belief-systems. Even teachers and gurus, mentors, relationship with the father. It might be something small (or big!) like understanding how much Your father actually loves You, or improving the relationship with Your father in some shape or form. Or seeing that the mentors and teachers are not really right for You and You need new ones.


Although Your 1st house is affected by this retrograde, most of the focus is going to be on the 9th house. Your belief systems, teachers, higher education, traveling, father figures, and mentors. Could reevaluate what You are currently studying, does it make sense? Or do You need to study extra? Maybe You are a teacher Yourself and You are working more, putting in more effort, and Your skills are being tested and under the microscope? Changes in the life of Your father or the relationship with other teachers. And the 1st house, as well as the 8th house, are also affected. Body, appearance, the general path in life, and the resources of others. This also includes money coming in from clients, partner’s money. There could be a mini-crisis in those areas, or You are just reevaluating them, seeing where You can improve something.


Most of the action is in Your 8th house of partner’s resources, other people’s money, and esoteric/occult topics. It is also the house of pregnancy and intimacy (also sexual intimacy). Although there might be a crisis in those areas at the start of the period, some of You Scorpios could discover pleasant news at the end of June. Pregnancy or partner’s resources rises, they make more money. Or You find a clever way to do Your taxes or discover something new with astrology. Other houses affected, the 12th and the 7th. Looking at this Scorpios, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if You find Yourself pregnant after this period. Sexual and relationship houses affected. It could also mean that You make more money at the end of this period. Hopefully, at the end of this shaky period, You will have found better ways to find pleasure with Your partner and made more money!


For You Sagittarius, relationships will be very much in focus because Venus the planet of relationships and partnerships is going retrograde in the house of relationships. Reevaluating them, it can feel like a testing time for many of You. More will be asked of You, You will look at if these relationships and partnerships are working for You. And making decisions during this. This is a very energetically charged time with relationships in general, best to observe, talk and speak, communicate in Your relationships. And make those decisions after June. You will be in a much more clear space with all of it. The 11th and the 6th house also get more affected. Long-term goals, dreams, bonuses, salary, and Your daily routines, diets, exercising, pets. More effort needs to be put in those areas. The results will come later in June-July.


Capricorn for You the 6th house us mostly affected by this Venus retrograde. How You take care of Your pets, Your daily routines, also Your daily beauty routines (because it is Venus after all!), how You eat, what You put into Your body, how You exercise. Even some old routines or addictions can come back to You. You need to pay attention there and make the best decisions. Your relationship with food and diet will be looked at, or it is You who will do the looking in all honesty! Also, Your career (the 10th), and the 5th house will feel this retrograde. Children, creative projects, lovers — all those relationships and relationships can come under the microscope. Some old flings or lovers can contact You or You can “randomly” see them on the street. Even thinking about them and reminiscing about them.


The main action is in Your 5th house. Meaning, lovers, children, creative hobbies and projects, riskier investments. Probably should be a little more careful with Your riskier bets, reevaluate them, and by the end of this period, You can even make more money. Or just allocated Your riskier investments better. Or found a better way to communicate and relate to Your children, more balance in those relationships. Some old flings or lovers can contact You or You can “randomly” see them on the street. Even thinking about them and reminiscing about them. Or even getting back together with them. Very often during this period, these flings can momentarily end, and after the period can get back together with them.


The main focus is in the 4th house for You Pisces. Homelife and relationships with family. A desire to beautify the home quite possibly but there can be some blockages, or it might take some time. Also, the relationship with Your family in general. Where are the changes needed? Other houses influenced by this period, 3rd and 8th. The way You communicate write and speak. There can be some reevaluation of Your speaking or writing style. A possibility that someone criticizes Your style and You need to change something there. Or look deeper into the situation, is it my style, or is it the other person? Or even Your worth can get hit by that. After the period is over You will have a more improved expression style. Also, relationships with siblings and neighbors will be evaluated. Are these relationships good for You? Do You want to reengage with some of Your siblings who You have maybe lost contact with? Or maybe they contact You themselves and You can work on the relationship. Business and social media also affected. Partner’s resources, taxes, money coming from others, and intimacy in relationships definitely for You Pisces an important topic during this period.

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