Behind The Bay

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I feel like grabbing my phone
I feel it torturing my soul
All wrapped nicely with a pretty bow
I’m called to the stories untold
They grow inside me so

Cold sends shivers down my back
I can feel it taking control
I can only hold on and be bold
Molding me into the man I long to be, behold
Is this as low as I can go?

Nothingness sits inside
Abiding, riding the ups and downs
Colliding with myself this way
Keeping the world astray
I want to allow what needs to stay

Am I keeping myself tailor-made?
In a safe place, slowly fading away?
Lately I’ve been feeling all the weight
Quietly making me afraid to lay
All that’s inside of me for pray

There is no other way, they say
Really? I must admit I can’t convey
All the days spent in fray
I can hardly wait
The sunset behind the bay

With all that’s left of me,

Ian Altosaar

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