Behind The Energy Of Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Technology

Image source: Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

The following article will give a glimpse into the energetic realm of humans and our subconsciousness. I will use the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain as an example of how this world and reality works for humans. In the attempt to empower people to create consciously.

First, we need to understand what these things symbolize, what is their essence.

Well, in short, their essence is more freedom, more equality. But let us dissect this a little further.

I will use Monero’s blockchain as an example. For full disclosure, I am a holder of Monero and a miner as well. I will definitely benefit from the price rise of the Monero cryptocurrency.

In very simple terms, Monero’s blockchain is an opportunity for every person on this planet to be involved with the validity of the financial system.


Every person who owns a PC or a laptop can participate in the network. And the more people who participate, the safer and more valid the entire network is.

At it’s core, I believe this is how it was intended.

How does this coincide with the world of energy and the creating potential of humans?

The equation is as follows:


Conscious thoughts=Energy

Subconscious thoughts=Energy


Blockchain, cryptocurrencies=Creation


Humans + Their Conscious Thoughts + Their Subconscious Thoughts + Action = Creation


Creators + Energy = Creation

So in very simple terms. Humans live on this planet > Humans form society > Humans develop different means to coexist with one another> Humans make mistakes > Humans do not understand that they are Humans > Humans start to understand that something is not right through crisis (the worldwide financial crisis that started in 2008) > Humans have better idea > Humans take action > Humans create the next thing to coexist even better > Humans meet resistance from other humans (because they own a bigger portion of the pie and don’t yet understand that they are human as well) > The struggle between humans or growth > The next step in human history.

I will explain this even further.

I believe every person on this planet has for some time now recognized that something is not exactly right. That they want something else. A new way of existing, a new way of being with each other.

These often subconscious thoughts are energy. Energy that is projected into the humanity’s energetic field.

This will fuel creation or the movement of energy into a chosen direction.

We get to choose where to go next. Where we put our energy.

By now this energy of feeling that we need a change in how we exist as a society together has been fueled by a lot of conscious and subconscious thoughts.

These thoughts actually created cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology. Yes, it is true that someone has to physically create the physical manifestation of those thoughts as well. But in all actuality, all humans with their thoughts and desires created this. Like everything else in creation.


Humanity’s desire for more freedom/equality = Blockchain/cryptocurrencies

Ian Altosaar


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