Interview with Jackie Steiner – Taking the 24/7 spiritual hustle too far + Jupiter Retrograde predictions!

In this week’s episode: Bringing Yourself back into Your body. Qigong – why is it good? Being in and with nature – something worth doing? Taking the 24/7 spiritual hustle too far – blacking out and losing consciousness stories. Learning through extremes – is there a better way? Moving the body to release energy. Being … Read more

Afraid to ask money for Your spiritual gifts? Horror stories from real life part 1

Afraid to ask money for Your spiritual gifts? Finding justifications in Your head along the lines of “This is for the highest good” or “I’m a servant of the light”? If yes then watch this video and let me shatter some of Your beliefs with a dose of freedom. Ian Altosaar Link to purchase a … Read more

Behind The Energy Of Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Technology

Image source: Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash The following article will give a glimpse into the energetic realm of humans and our subconsciousness. I will use the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain as an example of how this world and reality works for humans. In the attempt to empower people to create consciously. First, we need to understand … Read more

Astrology – The Science Of Energy

Image source: Photo by Jake Hills on Unsplash I have learned that everything in this universe is energy. And different things have different kinds of energy about them. Even different days. Astrology is an interpretation of that energy. In this article, we will look at the Moon cycle. A cycle that greatly affects our day to day life. These … Read more

Slaves To The Energies That Surround Us

Image source: Full disclosure! The title of this piece is meant to draw Your attention to it. Some people have popularized the term “click-bait”, this applies here as well. During my recent exploration into the field of astrology, it has become clear to me how much we as humans are influenced by the energies … Read more