Being A Dick

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Most people in this world are dicks.

Or at the very least they have some deep dickery within them.

That’s cool, no judgment here, I’m a dick too sometimes.

What is important to realize is that if we don’t think we are dicks, don’t think we have any dickery within us, think that we are only light and love (been there myself), then we turn into secret hidden kind of dicks. We become judgmental assholes who suppress their dickery.

Which would be fine but unfortunately this dickery leaks out into our relationships.

We jump head first into some emotional reaction we think is light and love (or actually love, spoiler alert, it’s actually infatuation). This illusion of another person takes hold. We put them on a pedestal.

And then it turns out they are a dick. And You are a dick as well. What a surprise.

Then everyone is disappointed, rumours get spread, things said behind backs etc.

Let’s save each other some time. Let’s admit that we’re dicks openly.

Then we don’t have to be disappointed when it turns out that all of that light and love talk is bullshit. And we treat others like shit on occasion. And we are dicks…

Hi, my name is Ian, and I can be a dick sometimes.

How about You?

If this kind of openness is too much for You at this moment, that’s cool too.

The knowing that most people are dicks will serve You well in this lifetime.

PS! I googled being a dick, this photo came up, I thought it was funny, and kind of true.

Have a swell, rest of Your Saturday.


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