Bless This Mess

friar Tuck

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I’m in my head again

Fuck, fuck, fuck

Not even friar Tuck

Can replace me as my friend

No, he has his hands full

Now it’s time for me to meet My maker


The only one I’ve ever been up against

Time to use all My strength

I’m wide open

With pain so deep

I’m powerless

It rips me apart each instance

Showing me wounds and parts unloved

My darkness so dark that even I’m afraid of it

I’m terrified

Overwhelmed by shame

No, I’ve played this game

I know now what I am

I see innocence now

Holy cow

They are both so loud

Both are me

Waiting to be seen

And I’m keen to bleed


Whatever is in need


Well, sure

Let it be

My need-iness

Is something I stress



Do I pass the test?




And all that is left

Somewhat numbly,

Ian Altosaar

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