It Burns


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When sadness and rejection hit You
You think You are ready for them
But they tell another story
A tale of emptiness from somewhere back
A blast from the past, so vast n fast it lasts
As the hollowness of Your being in that moment hits You
Your amazed by it, almost crazed by it
Nailed by it
Seems like there’s nothing, nothing to fill You
It’s calming in a way, as the contradiction sets in
Letting go of it, grasping for everything You can muster up
But nothing helps, It’s You with it, You alone
There’s no taste for it, naked
It strips You down, down on the ground
You lay there sound, not asleep
But more alive than You’ve ever been
There’s no reason for it, it just is
Ever present loneliness, Your friend
As You pretend there’s more
But there isn’t, there really isn’t
It’s enough
So rough it burns
As You yearn for freedom once again
It will come but it will go
As You reap, You will sow
Until You hold Yourself in higher glow

Your friend in loneliness,

Ian Altosaar

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