Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022 – Death and Rebirth of Partnerships

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is the first to kick us off into the eclipse season of 2022. And it’s not an easy one!

The chart of Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022

The Scorpio Eclipse is highlighted by the conjunction with Venus.

Moon is in it’s fall in Scorpio (a difficult position for the Moon). And this is not a regular New Moon. This is a New Moon partial Solar Eclipse.

You can think of this as a regular New Moon on “steroids”. All bulked up, and bulked up on drama!

We also need to touch the sign of Scorpio. I’ve written many articles on Scorpio (Pluto and Scorpio are connected through rulership). Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and even here.

To summarize and refresh, Scorpio is about transformation, drama, pain, and then rising up from the ashes as the Phoenix that You are!

And this time, it is happening in conjunction (together) with the planet Venus.

That means…

All of that trauma, fear, pain, and transformation will happen with the innermost wounds that keep us with low self-worth.


Our relationships.

What will the eclipse bring for us personally?

These predictions for the eclipse are valid at least 6 months after the actual event.
  • Fear about losing our partnerships and relationships. Jealousy, cheating, and drama. Things coming to light.
  • Going undercover to “spy” on Your partner or potential partner.
  • Intense wanting and desiring of the opposite sex = can lead to stalkers, and “creeps” making moves. Intense sexual desire can drive a person mad or crazy. Stay away from adult websites!
  • Wanting to control the partner = can lead to the other party feeling smothered.
  • Having to let go of partnerships and relationships that no longer serve us.
  • Our inner wounds triggered.
  • Living in anxiety and fear without knowing where it’s coming from. This can at times be triggered by the outside world.
  • Being afraid of controlled and criminal activity.
  • In the next 6 months after new relationships and partnerships.
  • Being scared of losing resources coming from others. For example, partners or clients.
  • Past trauma comes up to the surface to be healed. Later it can increase Your earning potential in the marketplace.
  • Having to dig deep for Your power or inner strength to carry on. We will get stronger through this. Seeing what we have been through and releasing the pain.
  • Feeling powerless to the world events and to relationships/partnerships.
  • A hidden desire for the opposite sex. Or same sex.

What will the eclipse bring for us globally?

  • Previous agreements destroyed between countries. I’m looking at the situation with Hungary with much interest. New agreements with different countries formed later.
  • Crisis on the markets, stocks and crypto.
  • Banking crisis = banks defaulting or going under. Problems in general for banking institutions.
  • Death of women, celebrities.
  • News of violence, and criminal activities. Especially involving women.
  • Abuse and sexual crimes committed against women coming up to the light of day.
  • The general feeling of crises and also material crises are everywhere.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Astro Cartography

This Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will turn up the gears of Europe “transforming” or fragmenting further.

This Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will affect Europe deeply and not in a pleasant way. Most of Europe will be in an extremely difficult crisis within the next 6 months.

This will even raise the question, what will happen to the European Union? When I look at this ACG map then I’m convinced that the Union will look completely different in the near future. It will and must be transformed. I can see countries like Hungary breaking away and forming new alliances elsewhere.

I also need to keep more tabs on the situation with Sweden, Finland, and Turkey regarding NATO. Because this suggests that the agreement that they made in the summer is not completely or fully honoured. I see a crisis forming between those three. And thus Sweden’s and Finland’s membership bid in NATO is under question.

The last Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

We had a similar Solar Eclipse in Scorpio in 2014.

I went into the Astro databanks and found a recent Solar Eclipse in 2014. Only happened 2 degrees from where it’s happening now.

I propose an exercise of going into the past and remembering what happened during that time.

I personally had a crisis in my romantic relationship, which led me to go out and drink for the last time in my life. Because after that, I became completely sober and clean. Best decision of my life.

I wanted to share this short story to show You that transformation and crisis aren’t always bad. Good things can come from them!

Summary of the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022

I was personally preparing for this eclipse beginning of the year. Now it’s finally here, upon us.

It doesn’t look good at all. Especially for people in Europe. With the crisis of resources already here (and about to get worse), and previous agreements between countries about to be transformed – we are truly in for a rocky ride at the end of the year.

Many, who forgot what was brooming during the summer will get a rude and ruthless awakening of the current state of world affairs.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022 will bring the deepening of the crisis in all of Europe. It will add to and fuel the political crisis simmering under the surface.

Ian Altosaar

The Freedom Astrologer

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