Consciousness of Mankind

Image source: Photo by kailash kumar from Pexels

Where does selfishness come from?
Is it just the result of extremes?
And a certain kind of healthy balance is necessary?
It is actually always a prerequisite for healthy growth and a stable society
Because it is in the consciousness of man where the worlds we live in are built
So if we are to look at the current state or even peek towards the future
We should, in fact, take a look into the consciousness, that meaning the subconscious and conscious thoughts of our global society
Because that will give us an indication
If we are truly moving in the direction we want to?

How would one do that?
Well, very simply put, a profoundly simple question can have energy moving
Am I moving towards my highest good?
What can I do to enhance the consciousness of myself or the collective?
There are many variations of this question
The purpose of them all is to open up energy
To open up to the divine and speak to God
A certain kind of openness is required here
To have purpose and letting go at the same time
This is the type of balance life force usually answers to
The answers are actually omnipresent
The clarity with which we tend to see them
Might not always be there
But as a reminder
Consciousness is always here, it is us and it really wants us to communicate with it
It always listens, it always answers
We just have to be willing to trust and see
And develop a critically pure mind capable of thinking
As well as an emotional body capable of healthy feeling and expressing of emotion

Ian Altosaar

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