Abundance of Wisdom

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I have a confession to make. I like to speak and write about a variety of topics. Cryptocurrencies, sex, business development, spirituality, astrology etc. In general, this experience we call life. The thing is, people don’t really like to listen to me. So I’m really glad I have the openness of the internet to put my thoughts out to.

I have another confession to make. I sometimes do that because I want people to love me and think I’m special. And make a lot of money doing it. This is the shadow side of the coin.

But I also deeply believe that it’s very important to continue to grow and evolve as humans. To learn new things and find better ways to communicate with each other and co-exist on this planet more peacefully.

But in order to do that more, I have to promote my material and market it, in order to make money from it. I get it, as long as we decide to live together in this capitalistic society, this is the way it goes. But I don’t particularly enjoy that part of our societal structure. I believe there are many better ways of doing that. Starting from basic income and ending with a society that is so evolved that one learns, teaches astrology and another person grows avocados. We don’t have to have power over each other and resources are given freely amongst us. Unfortunately, I must admit that we are a long way from that type of being with each other.

So we have to focus on the next step.

As far as I’m concerned, it is basic income mixed with cryptocurrencies. Something like that, hopefully.

This gets me to the point of this blog post. In November my friend David introduced me to my new friend Tino. Approximately a day later we decided to record the very first episode of Abundance of Wisdom. The very first podcast (that I know of) recorded on WhatsApp.

Our aim for this podcast is to share the things we are passionate about and believe would do more good in the world. To share stories that touch people and have a deeper meaning.

This is the first episode (more have already been recorded) where we introduce ourselves to each other and share some stories from our lives.

So far we have published 11 episodes with more on the way. We talk about all of the things I mentioned above and many more! If this doesn’t sound like a marketing pitch, I don’t know what does. Here’s another one.


But in all seriousness, have a listen, see if You find something that You connect to. Or maybe learn something new You didn’t know about. If You have any feedback or questions, please do let us know in the comments below or on YouTube.

Thanks for Your attention.

Here’s another poem I wrote. I still love to write those.


Sometimes it’s crazy to think
That all we need
Is inside of ourselves
And when those places are met
Creation can flow outside

Ian Altosaar


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