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You wanted me to crumble but I’m still standing
You wanted to destroy me but I’m going strong, okay sometimes not so strong
But I’m still here
Head on my shoulders (Haah)
After You had me by the guillotine
And I did tumble
You knew where to cut me
The same wounds You helped heal
You tore apart
I’m sad we got to this place
I still long for Your embrace
The fact that this whole situation is laced
With a subtle hint of tragic love
Never meant to be
And with that I set You free
There is no need
No more
To flee
You see?
It’s likely to feed Your need to pluck out the seed
Of the weed
You planted long ago
I’m still tender
And I remember
What got me here
Sweet surrender
Just a fender bender
That’s not so
Just easing Myself through it all
You meant a lot to me and still do
And I thank You
Spank You?
Worth a try
Now I cry and sigh
As everything we once held dear
Unfortunately ended in fear

With Love,

Ian Altosaar


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