The Meaning Of True Power


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The way we understand true power is misguided at best

So with conviction and love I will give You the rest

True power is telling the truth when You are afraid of the consequences

It’s getting back up and loving someone after losing the one You held dearest

It’s getting cheated on and going out there looking for someone to trust

True power is loving without needing someone to love You back

It’s about being humble when achieving all of the above

It’s about love

It’s having the courage to put Yourself out there in the face of rejection

It’s about vulnerability

It’s admitting You’ve made mistakes when it’s so hard to do so

It’s knowing Your true self when someone else tells You otherwise

It’s about letting go and I know how hard it is to do so

Above all it’s about each other, finding an open heart in the darkness

Finding the capacity to keep it so, in the high and low

And now I must go as I bask in this glow

For I trust Your heart is where these words will flow

With love and sadness,

Ian Altosaar


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