Cycles Of Life

There are times in life where everything seems to be reassessed.

Things, people, careers, time in general even.

These are confusing days, months, on occasion years.

We listen but we don’t speak.

We cry but the tears do not fall from our eyes.

Only kind strangers and friends seem to make sense. Sometimes not even them.

These are times for quiet contemplation. Doing nothing for a while. To see what awakens anew.

The old has not died, and the new has not been decided.

I’m in one of those times.

The meaningless of it all seems extra meaningless. Time seems to take longer than usual. And, as You might have guessed it, it moves at the speed of light.

Days seem too long and short. Not enough time to do anything, yet too much time on our hands.

This is confusing, to say the least.

Our emptiness reaches down our throats and wants us to speak but there are no words. So You just stay silent. Only reminded of the times when life seemed easier, tasks more meaningful, days more beautiful.

But within this last paragraph lies the key to coping with times like these. Knowing that these too shall pass. And what once seemed meaningless, will gather meaning once more. Or will be replaced with something even more deeper. That has the capacity to touch Your soul.

These are the cycles of life. They twist and turn, they light up and burn until we are one with the stars once again.

Allow it to be meaningless when it’s meaningless. And meaningful when it’s meaningful. The tides will turn, and You will be reborn.

Ian Altosaar

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