Daily Astrological Report, April 7th, 2020. LIBRA FULL MOON!

This is a general astrological report on the 7th of April, 2020. I picked the most important influences and how they should affect us during this difficult time.

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We are right on the Full Moon period, and these periods are usually times when we can see the results of our actions. It is also a spiritually intense period, with the veil between worlds thinner. Very often vivid dreams can occur, emotions are on the surface, and emotional reactions happen more than usual.

Full Moon is happening in the sign of Libra which usually means that relationships are in focus. The Moon itself is a bit lonely considering aspects but there is still a wide trine to Mars. This means that we might find ourselves emotionally needing some excitement or a feeling of wanting to take action. Emotional reactions can be quick but as quickly as they arise, they should calm down as well. Mars is a surgeon; this could help us cut through some emotional fog and be clear about what we want emotionally. And then go after it!

Usually, when the Moon is in Libra it is a pleasant Moon. A desire to be in relationships, people are generally more diplomatic. A good time to have meetings with people and negotiations flow more smoothly. People are more prone to compromise. If You have been in a confrontation in a relationship, this is the time that these can be resolved. If You want to push this energy even further, be the more active one and reach out to someone during this time. They are more likely to be accepting of Your approach and Your side of the story. Compromise can be found during this time! On the negative side, the Moon in Libra can be too concerned about other people’s opinions. Don’t let that get in the way of You reaching out to someone! There is also an emotional need for beautiful things, design, art, love, diplomacy, fair trade. And definitely for balance in our lives!

If You have been reading and watching some of my previous reports You might know that I’ve been speaking about the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction. One of the things that deserves a mention here is that Jupiter is also our belief systems, and how we connect to higher wisdom, to God, it is about faith. And Pluto is all about transformation. This crisis is here for us to transform our beliefs, what we believe about God and the Universe, and it is a transformation of our faith as well. Spirit has been plucked away from modern society to a great extent. This crisis, at the very least, has the potential to transform that. On a more practical level, what we believe in as a group of beings and as individuals has to and will be transformed during this.

It is now that Mercury and Neptune are in a sextile with Pluto and Jupiter. A sextile is a more positive aspect between planets. This should mean at least momentary relief or some useful information provided in dealing with this crisis going on. But I am a little wary of mercury being in the sign of Pisces. The information can be even lost or distorted. Even being made to look better than it is. Hopefully, with it being a positive aspect we can receive some positive news or piece of information during this time regarding the whole situation. Neptune, being 5 degrees from an exact sextile has the potential to start bringing medicine to this crisis as well. Something that has the potential to alleviate this virus. Could be in the form of medicine, healing, some drug that can be invented. I do believe that we are at least two months away from this happening. The potential is there, let us see when Neptune is on 20 degrees of Pisces and Pluto is on 24 degrees of Capricorn at the end of May. The orb with the aspect is closer, more potential to bring healing or medicine (Neptune).

We have some support now with Venus making positive aspects with Saturn and Mars. (For a very wide orb we can also add Pluto and Jupiter.) This, at least momentarily, should bring some relief to the governments as well as the masses of people. Or the common people. This could mean government checks, unemployment support, or some sort of relief packages. (Please remember that if You have some very difficult aspects going on in Your personal natal chart that it could mean something different for You personally as well.) Venus is the bringer of good things usually, so I do expect some relief in the form of money. For the governments as well as the people. Or it could manifest in even building stronger and sturdier relationships in Your life. Or building more solid foundations financially. It is a separating aspect (means things that have already happened) so for some of You, this could have already happened. Mars and Venus in a positive aspect usually mean sensual pleasures, a desire for sex increases certainly, finding quick ways of making money and taking action with them as well.

On a bit of a negative note, Uranus is, unfortunately, squaring both Mars and Saturn. And the square between Uranus and Mars is an exact one, so I do expect some conflict to arise. In worse case scenarios this could even mean aggression between the public, the masses and the government (even rioting). Hopefully, Venus can help us all find common ground here and approach things from a diplomatic perspective. It is worth a mention that this square also talks about freedom and the lack of it. Saturn is restrictions and Uranus is the desire for freedom and truth, add in Mars with its aggression and we get a cocktail of energy that will be hard to ground. Inwardly this can feel like the desire to break free but with the outer restrictions put on us, very hard to do. And then the conflict can arise, harsh reactions. I do even see some forest fires happening, nature will be unstable and the most likely scenario with Mars is fire. Most likely they can be contained through working together (Venus) and restricting them (Saturn) using our energy and force (Mars).

Don’t be too scared, the information is here for us to use for our benefit! There is help and support for us as well especially with all the positive aspects from Venus.

If You want to know where the Full Moon is going to affect You personally, watch the video below:

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