Daily Astrological Report, April 5th, 2020

This is a general astrological report on the 5th of April, 2020. I picked the most important influences and how they should affect us during this difficult time.

The general energetic atmosphere is lacking fire, with most of the energy still in earth signs. Focus still on preserving rather than starting. But balance here is required here because Sun is still in Aries and strong with its initiative. There are also many influences in Cardinal signs so starting something new with a solid plan in place should be good. We will be feeling the push of Aries and Pluto, Jupiter in Capricorn. Which are both Cardinal signs, meaning action-oriented.

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Sun is starting to make a square (an applying square = means things to come) with both Pluto and Jupiter, with the exact square still approximately 8 days away. We should be feeling this already. A desire to create in the world and initiate new things is there but the crisis is still in our way so to speak. This doesn’t mean we cannot start new things; it just means that there will be some obstacles and we need to push, work a little harder to get the results. Jupiter can make us feel even too optimistic about our creative potential, or even starting new things. A grounded approach is still best here. When the applying aspect becomes exact this will be felt even more strongly. Pluto and Sun in a square always means first losing our power, feeling powerless to the situation. And then after the aspect starts separating, we will start finding our deep power from within.

The Moon is now in Virgo, our emotional lives are more detail-oriented, it is as if after coming from that Leo Moon have a desire and emotional need towards proper routine, healthy diets, and we generally want more order in our lives. Leo is all about fun and now in Virgo, it’s all about being precise, doing administrative tasks and taking care of our health. Good time to offer some service to someone or spend time with our pets. Just be aware of being too critical of others. The downside of Virgo is it can be a tad critical because the energy of Virgo is very detail-oriented. It is very focused on every small little thing, and if You think about it, being like that with Your emotional life can make it seem and feel like “Nothing is perfect!” Be on the lookout for that, and instead of doing that just focus on something that needs precision, pets, health, diet or Your daily routines. Or offer some kind of service to others. The highest manifestation of Virgo.

Venus is moving into the sign of Gemini from the sign of Taurus. So, from earth to air. Venus in Gemini does have a more of a social butterfly kind of feel to it. When it was in Taurus (approximately the past month), our relationships were more stable, more enjoyable. Now with Gemini there will be more people to talk to, more people to communicate with, conversations with others can be lively, information exchanged there. Just be aware of being too scattered in Your relationships with others. When You communicate with Your loved ones and friends, pay attention to them! It is a bit of a promiscuous placement for Venus as well, channel that energy in the bedroom…

Moon and Venus are in a square so there can be some tensions in relationships. Not understanding each other’s feelings, emotions. Miscommunication there with partners and friends. Or even feeling not pretty enough, or emotional dissatisfaction with Your finances, clothes, looks.

Neptune is in opposition with the Moon, another difficult aspect, luckily with the Moon, it changes very quickly (for about 2–3 days maximum), emotional fog and not understanding what You feel. In worse case scenarios, some emotional deception can occur. Be on the lookout for that.

Moon receives some support from Uranus with a trine aspect, without really understanding why You can experience sudden positive feelings and emotions. Uranus can also help to see the truth of Your feelings. Something to counterbalance those difficult aspects.

Also, later Sunday evening, the Moon will make trines to both Pluto and Jupiter. This should bring us more emotional happiness, even overwhelming positive feelings (have to be grounded with this because Jupiter expands and it will expand Your emotional state). Even some deeper emotional transformations (Pluto) are possible.

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Stay safe out there!

Ian Altosaar

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