Astrological Report 9th of April, 2020. SCORPIO Moon!

This is a general astrological report on the 9th of April, 2020. I picked the most important influences and how they should affect us during this difficult time. For some of the bigger influences still in effect please go and listen/read to my previous daily reports here:

Let’s start with the Moon this time because it is in a difficult position in the sign of Scorpio. The negative side of this drama, manipulation, emotional turmoil. The ultimate goal of the Scorpio Moon is to transform emotions. And most often the difficult ones. I don’t know if You have ever dealt with emotional transformation but it’s not comfortable. And so is the Scorpio Moon. Uncomfortable, yet can be rewarding in the end. People can be more suspicious and even have somewhat dubious intentions towards You. Not because they are necessarily evil, rather because they are in a difficult emotional state themselves. Some past trauma can arise and You can heal some of it. Or there might be a desire for deep sexual connection, anything regarding the taboo, emotional need towards esoteric topics, hidden things, secrets.

The Moon is now getting difficult aspects from Uranus and Mars. Both talk about immediate and quick emotional reactions. These are going to be quite uncomfortable few days for most. I can see a desire to break free from past emotions and wanting to do it really quickly. Not really having regard for anything else or others for that matter. Emotional intensity is high, especially if we consider the fact that the Moon is already in the sign of Scorpio. Physical exercise can be somewhat grounding here considering all the aspects. As well as tantric sex, if not tantric then maybe some good old-fashioned lovemaking.

There is some support towards the Moon from Neptune in the form of a trine aspect. After all of that intensity, transformation, secrecy, trauma, rash emotional reactions, Neptune can come in and heal those emotions, some medicine for Your feelings. I believe this is a good time to do some spiritual work, meditation, look at Your emotions. Your intuition can be on high alert and mostly accurate. But just be aware of the Scorpio Moon’s extra suspiciousness. Good for healing Your emotions through some spiritual practices, and some exercise and sex.

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