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Darkness my old friend
Here we meet once again
A deeper feeling that lies within
My human mind wants to fend
Send You off somewhere far far away
I lay
Like molded in clay this idea stays
And curious I’m once more
Can it be I just want to score?
Seems like the more traveled road to take
But still awake
At night I wait
When will this be over?
Will it?
Drill it in my head
Instill it in the back corner of my being
It will never end
Can you lend?
Me a prayer
For I’m giving my all
I stand tall
I want to fall
Will you catch?
If I sore through it once more?
Oh Lord
Or whoever is out there
Listening intently
Or not
For this I’m sure
There is no cure
Other than
To make a stand
I hope you give a helping hand
Darkness my old friend


Ian Altosaar


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