A Short, One-Sided Love Affair

wolf moon

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It was dark
But I was totally awake
It was snowing
To give contrast to the vast darkness around me
Had no idea I was going to meet You
But we met
We looked at each other
It was love at first site
Or affection, attraction
I could see the depth of You instantly
It was heavy
That intrigued me
Felt like You were searching for something real
Just waiting to be opened by life
Tired of all the bullshit that surrounds You
Something to give all this meaning
So am I
That’s why I fell for You
I peeked
You seemed frustrated
But I knew there was something more to it
I love Your depth
Now I see clearly what it was
I could see the longing inside of me reflected to me in a pretty package
And those words don’t do You justice
There’s more to You than just beauty
Rugged grace
You know what pain is
That makes You even more beautiful
Just thinking about You makes me appreciate life
And acknowledge the fact that I’m living
There’s something to live for
If I can experience a longing so deep
You ain’t mine to keep
And as I seek
Life does seem bleak
But I have faith again
I’ve been enriched by love
As one-sided as it was

With deep longing and love,

Ian Altosaar


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