Filling The VOID

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You go to work.

You do something meaningless there.

You go out for drinks.

It’s still empty inside.

You go home with somebody.

For a moment that pain stops.

And the search to fill that void starts again.

You go to work.

Something even more meaningless awaits You.

You fool Yourself into thinking that work matters.

It doesn’t.

You want to believe someone cares at work.

They don’t.

They only care about themselves and their bonuses.

This makes You sad.

Instead of feeling that sadness, You go out again.

Drinks, get somebody.

Rinse and repeat.

Within it all, You have not yet realized that You are empty inside.

You postpone the feeling until it hits You. When he or she leaves Your place.

Maybe You cry, maybe You feel numb.

It starts all over again in the morning…

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