The Cosmic Adults – Letting go + Predictions for each Astrological Sign!

In this week’s episode: Solar eclipse in Taurus and Pluto retrograde predictions for each astrological sign. Letting go of things that no longer serve us (eclipses are perfect for that). How long do we choose to suffer? Making practical decisions to stop. “Quick fixes” to growth and pain. Ian Altosaar The Freedom Astrologer Link to … Read more

Filling The VOID

Image source: You go to work. You do something meaningless there. You go out for drinks. It’s still empty inside. You go home with somebody. For a moment that pain stops. And the search to fill that void starts again. You go to work. Something even more meaningless awaits You. You fool Yourself into … Read more

Humanity – A Species Who Is Running From What We Really Want To Do

Image source: Most of popular society in this current moment is running away from something. Be it pain, trauma, emptiness, You name it. This is taking many forms, partying, alcohol, drugs, sex, the list goes on. What are people actually doing? Through those things, I just mentioned people really want to feel something. They want … Read more


Image source: My private collection. Sunrise near Tallinn, Estonia. In times of trouble and darkness turning into light it seems quite dense sometimes. I believe we are at this very point in our human experience. We can see the light and the potential of what is there but the darkness has to be dealt with … Read more