How to destroy relationships? „Do You believe that You are lovable?“

An excerpt from a session with the Freedom Astrologer. With permission to share from the participant. Things were getting emotional and confusing. I felt that the issue we were working on was getting further and further away = this You can feel in Your body. It is as if the core issue is right there, … Read more

Venus in opposition or square to Saturn and/or Uranus — challenges and troubles in Your love life

Photo by Shelby Deeter on Unsplash First of all, I get how much this hurts in Your relationships and partnerships. Been there and done that. These are not the easiest configurations to be dealing with on a daily basis. I feel Ya. People who got really hard hit by this were born during the end of July and … Read more

The Difficult Energy Of Scorpio

One of the most difficult energies to deal with is the Scorpio energy. Wherever You have it in Your birth chart. Especially if it’s Your Sun, Moon or Ascendant. The conundrum of this energy is that at Your core (or subconsciously) You want to feel so, so deeply. And at the same time, You are … Read more

A Slow Descend In The Suburbs

Photo by Behzad Soleimanian on Unsplash Have the yearsHave all the years of discontent and disappointmentDiminished Your love for me?Or is there still some left? Have my actions and inactionsCaused Your bitterness?The hurt I sense from YouSeems like an insurmountable wallThat is dividing our cause Has the mistrustYou carry aroundSmashed our love to the ground?I’ve foundPain, when suppressed, … Read more

Freedom in Relationships

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash I would like to start this one off from a place of admitting that the following came to me after seeing my own wrongdoings in relationship. I do not claim to be perfect, I mess up with this all the time. These are observations for the curious ones the be used in … Read more

How to Live With and Be Okay With Jealousy? And Become a Whole, Free Human Being.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash Jealousy usually stems from childhood. Remember those instances Your mommy or daddy didn’t “seem” to love You enough? That is one of the places this comes from. The perceived lack of love from them living on in Your daily life. Usually with Your chosen romantic partner or even with friends, co-workers, etc. … Read more


Image source: Photo by Miguel Orós on Unsplash Nothing To say Just Silence lays Deep Within me Calling Yearning for me to answer Hoping My love will be enough Fire Breathing out My Stomach Knowing that In This I will forge into Whatever Or whoever I Need to be Seeing Myself more clearly Stopping For heartfelt moments Saying Goodbye … Read more


Image source: Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash My love My heart The fire under the stars Fascinating I find this mystery Gracefully discovering whatever I might find Tasting Your lips With my fingertips Seized power from within Lovers of all life unite Simple as riding a bike Or flying a kite Remember now You’re all full of might … Read more