Group Consciousness

Group consciousness, in essence, a dangerous thing. If the leaders of this group use this in their own self-interests. Also when people lose their own will and mind, they actually are giving them away.

I’ve noticed this happening with myself even reading a blog post written by a charismatic writer. I’ve literally lost myself into their consciousness.

Why is this important?

It is important because when each of us brings our own individual consciousness to the table then we contribute to the growth of the overall consciousness more substantially.

In addition, when we manage to stay in our own consciousness and listen to others then our minds expand (if it’s thought-provoking content). Meaning again consciousness expands.

But if we just let ourselves be affected by group consciousness then our minds do not actually expand. They shrink instead. We lose the ability to think for ourselves and bring anything unique to the table.

What is the other option?

To be really vigilant when we take in information or listen, read someone’s posts. This is actually an opportunity to develop thinking, pure thinking, feeling, all those things that will help us form our own opinions.

Then bring that to the group. If everyone is allowed to do this and listened similarly, critically, then the whole group benefits. Energy is manifested into material form and solutions to difficult ideas come.

Critical cohesiveness.

Allowing and having boundaries at the same time.

Ian Altosaar

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