I Wonder

I wonder why?
Things are as they are
As I look to the sky

Seems way up high
But the question remains
Are we just a dot, that’s hard to find?

What of meaning?
These are turbulent times
Do we exist, just to exist?

Is it small or big?
Our lives
Is it neither?

Is it just a continuous flow of nothingness?
An experiment designed to drive us mad?
But what of consciousness and the times we feel sad?

These are bound to be real, are they not?
Stifling the knowing at first
That things might not be real

What is reality?
Are You?
Am I?

What is Creation?
Where does this come from?
Where does energy come from?

What was before creation?
Can total emptiness even exist?
What would it be then?

Would it be fullness?
No turning back from this
The emptiness will destroy Your soul

It will only spit You out when You are finally whole

Nothing can take You away from Yourself
Except for everything
You are

Ian Altosaar

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