Hey Man

Hey man, You seem a little lonely

I am, been feeling like this for a long time

Good, I’m here now. Are You sad?

Sometimes. I enjoy Your company though.

I’m glad. Is there something You want?

Yes. A lot of things.

Like what?

Today I just want to be with ease.

Cool bro.  Just feel. That’s it. See.

The innate beauty of it all?


All My failures? Break ups? Not good enough’s?

Yes. Those too. Can You now see under the bullshit? Or feel under it?

I can. Will I forget again?

Yes. You surely will. It’s okay.

How come?

Because I’m here now. I’ll remind You.

Thanks. You seem like a solid dude. Somewhat crude.

Haah. You like to rhyme? Fine. Now I’m in a bind. I’ll take a step behind, while You smile. Just take in mind, I’ll be there to remind.

Will You be there for me to find?

Yes. My dear sly sad guy.

Sigh. Now I’m fine. Uups, it’s time.

To say our goodbye’s?

No. To reconcile our minds.

Mine is Yours and Yours is mine.


Ian Altosaar

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