God’s Presence

Image source: http://www.youthconnect.in/2014/06/09/25-global-destinations-to-travel-before-you-die/ Tip your toes in silence Wiggle them Get a sense of where You’re at Sprinkle on some presence to boot Stillness Shake it, shake it Revel in the sacredness of it Shout it But to Yourself From within From deep inside Salivate over the tastiness Of You Of finally arriving to Yourself … Read more

A Man’s Journey

Image source: Private collection There will come a time In a man’s life When everything feels like it’s Swept aside And his heart is full of pride Of love A need from within To deepen the quest given to him A sense of yearning Powerfully coursing through his veins A desire to create To hold … Read more


Image source: Private collection The silky touch of presence Never quite like this before Noticing the inherent Endings of all Death is timeless It lasts and demolishes the past Isn’t this time You ask No, just deep knowing of life As I sense into what is I can truly see Knowing life takes time Might … Read more

The Fight Between The Masculine and The Feminine

Image source: http://www.tantrikstudies.org/blog/2016/5/25/the-dangers-of-duality-recognition-sutra-6 Something I’ve been observing lately within myself and it’s reflected back to me fiercely in outer circumstances. The fight between the masculine and feminine energies. Men fighting men, men fighting women, women fighting women etc. A lot of conflict has happened during the past few months. It’s been there within me, in … Read more

Shut Up

Image source: http://sunrise.maplogs.com/rapsbogen_flensburg_germany.1855.html Shut up Just listen Just breathe Just be Let the miracle of silence break You out of this cage You’ve built for Yourself Let presence pierce through the hollowness You’ve become Reach down and kiss Yourself With the sweetness of You Yourself have to bring To this meeting That lasts a lifetime … Read more

The Amount Of Bullshit

There is so much So much of bullshit Layers upon layers Who are we really? Does anyone know? I believe some might have a clue Even they suffocate from their own bullshit It’s definitely weighing on me The amount of it all It’s a tad overwhelming Just looking at the teacher’s around They are buckling … Read more

Hey Man

Hey man, You seem a little lonely I am, been feeling like this for a long time Good, I’m here now. Are You sad? Sometimes. I enjoy Your company though. I’m glad. Is there something You want? Yes. A lot of things. Like what? Today I just want to be with ease. Cool bro.  Just … Read more

I’m So Good

Image source: http://thereikigallv.info/healing-the-people-pleaser/ I’m so good I pay My bills on time I want to pay them beforehand I get anxious when I’m not at My computer and can’t pay them right away I hold the door open for people I pick up the trash on the street I eat healthy I exercise I create … Read more

A Game

Image source: https://wallpaperscraft.com/download/ice_coast_cold_captivity_sky_gloomy_gray_emptiness_stones_63337/3840×2400 The games we play Stop, take a minute Breathe Amusing and sweet Thoroughly delicate The softness of You I appreciate I can feel Your heart pulsating in the waiting Or is it mine? Can we cross this line? Do You want to be mine? Or I Yours? No remorse on this course … Read more

All Hipsters Smell Like Honey

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/Angel22m/%D0%BD%CE%B9%CF%81%D1%95%D1%82%CE%B1/ All hipsters smell like honey They have blonde hair They walk with ease They move smoothly They chit chat and laugh They are mystical creatures Almost like unicorns But more real They have clothes that look like new ones all the time But really aren’t They are fresh They are pimped up … Read more