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The uncomfortable feeling that’s crawling under the skin
As almost on the surface but I can’t remove it
It feels like it’s right there, however it lies within the depths of my being
Waves and waves, more and more
I can’t take it anymore, I need to release this monsoon
I yell, I yell so loudly my throat hurts
I’m defeated, repeatedly
I can’t win this, ever
I can only surrender
Depleted, I slowly raise my head
Drool drips from My lips
Crushed by it all, in all the agony and pain
I start to pick myself up
The cold water touches my face
Wake up! Wake up!
It takes a hold of me again
I now stand, hand in hand with life
No hiding here, it will win every time
Still I try, ride high, side to side
For a while I lie to myself
Until sadness humbles me again
And I stumble, rumble, fumble, tumble
Up and down the stairs of my being
I am amazed with the essence
Just before death comes to us all

Ian Altosaar

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