The Wild Woman

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The way You take Your hair and slowly piece it together
Subtle art that’s left unnoticed
I notice, I can see
The pain You’ve been through
The thickness of Your skin
After years and years of life
But I can also see the softness underneath
The playfulness, the openness that’s locked out for many
I don’t blame You
I know You have been disappointed before
And will be again
I know the pure magic that You’ve hidden inside
Is only reserved for a lucky few
The one’s that take the time to get to know You
Then You unleash Yourself fully
One extreme after another
A whirlwind of emotions and feelings
Of depth like there’s never been before
This is an ode to You darling
An ode to the inner wild woman
I offer You this dance

With appreciation for Your understated beauty,

Ian Altosaar

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